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Miah Posts: 2738
..By Unislim! I joined briefly after Christmas, got on okay for the first couple of weeks, lost a few lbs, but then I realised it was shoite! So I left and went back to WW. Now Unislim keep texting me, big long texts, to get me to go back! Should I tell them they're wasting their credit or should I just say nothing and let them figure it out themselves?
Planner Posts: 80
just text STOP back. The text should actually tell you what to do if you don't want to receive anymore. If they continue to send them after you've told them to stop you could report them to the data protection commissioner as they'd then be in breach of data protection legislation.
Miah Posts: 2738
Dya know, it's actually the leader herself, texting me personally! "Hi X here from Unislim....I hope all is ok with you...As I noticed you were not at the recent meetings. I am not sure that the break for paddy's day and mother's day has knocked you off track. Please try and keep on your weight loss journey, you will be delighted in the summer if you do, it will be worth the effort snf time you put into it and it will be upon us before we realise it. Remember that water + correct portion sizes + exercise = a smaller dress size. Take care, Regards X" I swear to God!! :ooh
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
How many tests have they sent?
Planner Posts: 80
I'd say its still a generic text that they lash out to loads of people....and try to personalise it to make people feel special! The cheeky so and sos :o0
Miah Posts: 2738
I've had two in three weeks! Bless! :o0
Sweets08 Posts: 958
Oh I hate pushiness, drives me mad. I had a supplier ring me the other day that I met at a wedding fair about 8 months ago, asking me if I got sorted, that was fair enough, I said I had and thanks for the call but he kept pushing me to know who I had ended up booking (i didn't express much interest in him at the wedding fair but he cornered me :o0 ), anyway he wouldn't let up and the whole conversation got really awkward because i wasn't telling him who i booked as i didn't think it was any of his business, anyway I ended up letting on I couldn't hear him and i hung up :-8 felt really bad for doing it but why ring me 8 months later and be borderline aggressive towards me!?!