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aug2008 Posts: 140
hey girls, im in a right state!!! ordered my wedding dress in september thinking it wouldnt be ready til about May!!! so ordered it a size too small!!! dress is now ready and instead of loosing weight i have put a bit on!! what shall i do about fitting??? hold off til may anyway and work hard???
rathkenny Posts: 936
Hi August08, I'd hold off trying it on for a few months and put the head down & lose a few pounds! I'm getting married in July & I've been told not to go for a fitting until May so you've loads of time!! :o)ll :o)ll If you'd like some motivation & some people to do it with you you're more than welcome to join this thread !! We'll keep you on track!! O:o) :wv
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Hi aug2008 Hold off, and dont panic! You have loads of time to loose weight. I ordered my dress a size smaller and it all worked out great.