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vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Right so we have a wedding in a few weeks time and I'll be about 7months pregnant at that stage. It's my first pregnancy so not sure if I'm going to balloon or just grow the way I have been - nice & steady! I'm a size 16 and haven't put up much weight but have a good sized bump and basically looking for any recommendations on dresses any of you have seen/come across. I've had a look on the usual sites and here are a few I've come across that I reckon might be ok but wanted to get a few other opinions too. So what do ye think? : [url:281m4oyz][/url:281m4oyz] [url:281m4oyz][/url:281m4oyz] [url:281m4oyz][/url:281m4oyz] [url:281m4oyz][/url:281m4oyz] [url:281m4oyz][/url:281m4oyz] Don't want to pay a fortune as I'll only get the one wear out of the dress but still don't want to go looking like a sack of spuds :-8 Any help greatly appreciated!!
lv2013 Posts: 51
All dresses are fab and would look great.I found the dresses from seraphine were a fantastic fit,I bought some when I was only 4 months I'm almost full term and they are still fitting perfectly.
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Ive a wedding end of next month and have had awful trouble trying to get a dress, no Maternity dress ive tried suited, all very fitted and that doesnt suit me, maxi dresses dont suit me and ar very cliny on my tigwhich ive very conscious of anyway. I ended up in Tk Max yesterday and bouht a Monsoon dress sizes to big fr bump but have to get a good 34 inches of the top of it coz it way too big. In the endi went fo a max (couldnt believe it suited me)! And i must say after bab iwould get it taken in more to wear when not pregnat! EA: i like the coral one and blue maxi
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I like the one with the front knot and the maxi one.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I think it depends on the kind of style you like normally. For example I don't really like the maxi one but that is because I am small and just feel maxi dresses do nothing for me. The front knotted one looks good on the model and a very slim friend of mine word a similar one- it really suited her.However,If you have big chest and then the bump I think this style can make you look very big overall so I would steer clear of it. This kind of style would make me look a bit blobby at the best of times- I wore something loose like this once when I was pregnant and somebody actually asked me if I was expecting twins( I wasn't!)-the mad thing was I was actually heading to hospital that week for an extra scan because my bump was measuring small! So I really think unless you have good figure , a free flowing type of dress just doesn't flatter. So I really am a fan of something a bit fitted to give you a nice shape . Maybe the peplum dress or one of the dresses from beautiful bumps. Hope you find something. :wv
Princess Kate Posts: 734
I really like the coral one. Saw a fab green maxi dress in a similar style on the Seraphine website too. They are actually all really nice, maybe order a few a good while in advance of the wedding so you can try them on and return whatever doesnt suit? Unless you are like me and this would result in you just keeping 3 dresses when you only really meant to buy one... Just do you know, there are a couple of places that rent occasion maternity wear like Tiffany Rose, Isabella Oliver etc if you feel that you won't get wear out of the dress again, not sure of the names or if they are only Diblin based but might be worth googling.
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Tiffany rose have some fab dresses, I'm also a size 16, I got the most beautiful dress from them, everyone commented on how gorgeous it was and I felt a million dollars in it! I bought the dress from jellybean in cork, and there was no problem if I had wanted to return it if it didn't suit, I bought 2 dresses from them and they stood me well through out the pregnancy, I had two weddings to go to while pregnant, one when I was 5 months pregnant and one I was 8 months, and surprisingly the dress looked way better the more pregnant I was!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Agree with everything wollysocks said. Plus, I think the peplum one is fab and would be flattering on any shape
nov baby Posts: 82
Sweet bubbles, I was looking at that dress on line. I've a wedding at 7 months and I'd love it. What kind of length is it??? In 5 7"- would ur come down over my horrible knees???
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Thanks for all your replies - some great suggestions. Don't really want to hire a dress. I actually went rooting in what I have after I posted this morning & I have a dress that I think just may do but I might take a trip to Cork & see about trying on the ones in Beautiful Bumps. I'm a bit wary about the maxi dress too - I'm not the tallest so would possibly be a little dwarfed in it and I'd be worried about the peplum dress being stuck to my thighs :-8 Ugh...decisions decisions!! Thanks for ye're help though :thnk