Help with pork chops :)

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Excitedwife Posts: 1186
Hi all, cooking pork chops later - how should I cook and liven them up? What goes well with them?? :thnk
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
Marinade with oil and jerk seasoning, leave in fridge for as long as possible, then grill. Yummy!
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Smother them in maple syrup and top with black pepper and slow grill them until they are blackened by the maple syrup....YUM YUM PIG's BUM (whoops literally) :-8 :o0
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Do them Roman style. Put a bit of salt and pepper and a leaf of sage in the middle. Roll them up and put a bit of streaky bacon around the outside. Put a toothpick in to stop them unrolling and put in the oven on a low heat for half an hour. YUM YUM YUM
Cassie84 Posts: 410
place them in a large dish, mix together some creme fraiche, cream, soy sauce, salt and pepper and parmasan and pour over the chops, sprinkle with more cheese and serve with basmati rice...delish
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
spread them with garlic puree and roast in the oven at low heat for as long as they can take.
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
Thanks girls....I found a recipe with chilli, soya sauce, lemon, garlic and I have them in the oven!! I will try all the above suggestions though, I just happened to have the bits and bobs fo this one..... smells good :o)ll
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
i always make mine with chunky cut carrots onions mushrooms sprinkled with oxo and water, also some pepper,put them in the oven for 90mins covered there yum yum then make the gravy fom the oxo and juices
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Love all those ideas....must do them too! The quickest, easiest and fabulous tasting is smearing the chops with a marinade of honey, wholegrain mustard and balsamic vinegar mixed together! Absolutely gorgeous......or for something a little zingier.....a mix of english mustard and brown Dads favourite! Girls these are great for BBQ as well.