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blackroses Posts: 417
has anybody helpful tips for a day with out avoidable hiccups? obviously not everything will be perfect. thanks!
realta Posts: 820
give your best man and chief bridesmaid a list of all your suppliers contact details just in case something goes wrong or the suppliers get delayed so that they can contact the suppliers without having to ask you for their numbers
14082010 Posts: 2103
[quote="Realta":2jcssd2l]give your best man and chief bridesmaid a list of all your suppliers contact details just in case something goes wrong or the suppliers get delayed so that they can contact the suppliers without having to ask you for their numbers[/quote:2jcssd2l] Fab idea, love it :lvs Keep them coming :o)ll
lush11 Posts: 2877
Good idea, would never have thought of that
excitedjuly09 Posts: 47
this is a great post, i hope it gets lots of nuggets of advise. here's mine! we had a really fantastic day, and we weren't stressed and everything went smoothly, only tiny things went wrong (which didn't bother me, and i actually don't think anyone noticed) we met with the hotel, including the wedding coordinator who would be there on the day, a week before the wedding. we wrote down with them every single detail that we wanted on the day, and then they took a copy and we took a copy. when i say we wrote down everything, i mean down to what fillings we wanted in sandwiches. I'm a control freak, I know. :-8 we discussed what photos we wanted, and who we wanted in photos, and we asked a person from each group of photos to be in charge of rounding up the group before the meal so we could get a photo with them (we wanted separate photos with groups of friends and family). this was recommended to us by our photographer, and it worked out really well. on the day of the wedding, we went to the hotel and we didn't have to spend lots of time finding people for photos, cos the groups were already assembled for us. so we didn't spend all afternoon running around trying to find people, or waiting between group pictures. in fact, we got the picture taking done quite quickly, and were able to go and mingle with our guests before the meal, which was what we wanted. we made a conscious decision not to try to chat individually to everyone who came to our wedding. i remember reading here on wol that even if you just spent 5 minutes chatting to every person then it would take 10 hours to chat to 120 people! neither of us wanted that, we wanted to spend our wedding together, enjoying ourselves. obviously we made a point to chat to people who we wouldn't normally see, and we really enjoyed greeting people after the church, but I said to people like my work colleagues and close friends that I probably wouldn't get to chat to them on the day, and told them the 10 hours -120 people thing, and they totally understood. so that took a huge amount of pressure off us. my brilliant, brilliant bridesmaids made a point of chatting to tables of people between courses at the meal, and then afterwards, so no guests felt ignored. we didn't get up between courses, as the hotel advised us that they wouldn't serve the next course till we were seated, so dinner would go more smoothly if we didn't budge. so we didn't. and it worked out grand, cos people came up and chatted to us between courses, so we still chatted but didn't hold up dinner. we also decided that things were going to go wrong, and we couldn't avoid it happening, but we weren't going to get stressed out about it. we planned ahead everything we could, and then just went with the flow. my hb kept saying to me that once we got married, the day would be perfect, that none of the other stuff was important. and he was totally right. we had a truly fantastic day, i loved every minute of it. ps: the night before I had a mini meltdown when i heard from a neighbour that the council were supposed to be closing a road on the way to the church (which was on my directions I'd sent to all the guests who were travelling) the next day, but my family made a mad dash to the supermarket for big fat markers and luminous card to make last minute diversion signs, but thankfully the council were behind schedule, so it was all ok. i was terrified tho for half an hour. goes to show that you can't plan absolutely everything!
blackroses Posts: 417
great tips, keep they coming!