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shoegals Posts: 1640
You're probably a bit worse for wear at this stage so i'll just say, I hope you are not too hungover tomorrow. Post all the details let us know how you got on! :wv
TanyaBarry Posts: 331
Hi, i can just about write this as ive the shakes from all the gin last night. Ha Ha, i had such a laugh. It was the funniest night of my life. Im having flash backs all day like, wearing a veil made of toilet paper :-8 , asking the pub owner to put money in my bra :eek , getting a piggy back around the pub my some guy :o0 , spraying glitter spray all over some guys bum :o0 :o0 :o0 etc. Hope all your hens nights are as fun as mine. Ill never forget it. Im severly hung over but it was well worth it. :o0
TanyaBarry Posts: 331
OMG i still dont feel right :o0
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
Delighted it all went well - sign of a good nite when you still have the shakes Monday morn!!
offbride09 Posts: 68
hiya! i'm having my hen in kilkenny in 8 wks time!! cant wait... any tips?? glad u enjoyed it! we going to d races d same day 2!!...
TanyaBarry Posts: 331
Hi Off Bride Just make sure you dont go into the left bank as they'll make you take off your bunny ears etc, if your having them.