Hens,when to start organizing?

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New Mrs Posts: 660
Hey, So im having two hens one where im living now and one down the country where im originally from. Will have ab out 20 at each, so when do i start organizing them! Donig nothing big for them. For the one where im living now going to my mil's house for cocktails first then going to a Thai restaurant for a meal and then to a pub/club! Thinking of having this on in August Then for my country one, going to organize a bus, go on a pub crawl and go for a meal! Thinking of having this one in July.
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
I think its never too early to give people dates or to get a feel for when everyone is free? is it the same group of people going to both?or totally different?id recommend getting e feel for dates now is good idea? My hens is in Edinburgh in 2 weeks time and we booked flights about 3months ago, it took about a week or 2 to find dates that suited ALL 21 girls. Im having a night here where i live aswell but havnt organised that yet-thinking i will have that about 2 weeks before the wedding and will start sorting dates after we come back from Edinburgh.Its for the older FSIL's who arent going and work friends. HTH :wv
flow Posts: 296
my hen is the bank holiday in August and we have the accomadation booked and the email went out to everyone 2 weeks ago so people could save the date considering it is a bank holiday weekend. Also with the times we are in it gives people time to save and you an idea of how many will be going. So i'd say happy planning :)
New Mrs Posts: 660
There two different sets of family and friends. We wont be booking anywhere to stay overnight! Maybe im thinking of it too early!!