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princess! Posts: 348
ive heard from some people have said that it is fine to highlight your hair after the 12weeks others have said you cant highlight your hair after 4months and then today i was told hat you cant full stop. does anyone know if you can or cant?
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Hi Princess! I had a full head of highlights done twice since I got pg. Once before 12 weeks and once after that. Had my scan since and everything is perfect. I will have to get it done before the xmas again. The last time I toned the colour down as my hair was growing like mad and the regrowth was showing after 3-4 weeks.
luckyduck Posts: 173
Hi princess, I got mine done on sat and i am only 9 weeks I asked in the hospital and the midwife said it is fine to get it done.
princess! Posts: 348
oh great because the roots are nobodies business :o0 !!! im just the nine weeks aswell i was begining to dread the thought of what i would look like come nine months. thank you both for replying it has put my mind at ease.
chicam Posts: 1169
Yep I've had them done too, admittedly after 12 weeks just to be sure. Midwife as well as hairdresser said it was fine.