Hire or buy suit for Best Man

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Amaryca Posts: 27
Hi, my H2b is going to buy a suit for himself for the day rather than hire one so i was wondering do we need to buy thr BM and GM their suits to match? The whole point of us buying a suit was to spend a few bob and get something decent maybe even designer, and we certainly couldn't afford one for the BM and GM. Do you ask them to wear their own suits which may not match? or hire ones similar in colour to grooms? or does any one else have this dilemma??
fruitypie Posts: 826
Depends on what you want and what you can afford.. - do you want them to co-ordinate or would you be happy if they wore their own suits We got married in Italy and my OH bought gorgeous linen suits over there for himself and his BM. His BM works in construction and wouldn't have a suit to his name - (The seldom time that he needed a suit he borrowed one from my OH!). Now he has his own *)
AliceB Posts: 495
My H2B also wants to buy one for the wedding... he just has the Best Man (no groomsman) so we're going to buy his, it will also be his pressie... it would be a different story if there was more than one to buy for probably...
Amaryca Posts: 27
I would like them to coordinate but 3 expensive suits seems a lot, even though I know I had no problem buying my bridesmaids their dresses shoes etc.
dewdee Posts: 444
same dilemma! wanted a really nice navy suit for h2b but we have best man and grooms man and really can't be spending lodas on suits for them. Annoying O:|