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Sarah4 Posts: 309
Hi All Looking for some advise in relation to printing my own invites at home! I have bought all the supplies (although think I went a little overboard on the ribbons and embelishments oops!) but my biggest worry is the printing. #1 The 13.5 x 13.5 ivory card. I just need a "Wedding Invitation" and the date printed on the front of this in black. Has anyone any ideas or tips as to what type of printer I need to do this? Card is 260gsm so not too thick. #2 Ivory Pearlescent paper. This will be printed and stuck on the inside of the invites. Also if I have sheets left over I may print directions etc on them. Again what type of printer is best, I'm worried ink will smudge on the paper? This is my first attempt at making invites and I am a little nervous about it! I had planned on printing the cards decorating them and then printing and sticking in the inserts at a later date when I have full set a time etc for the wedding! Thanks~! S
nosie Posts: 449
Do you currently have a printer? If it's an inkjet one there may be problems with the pearlized paper but you can try decreasing the print quality to draft/fast so less ink is used and print each page separately. If it's a laser printer you should have no problems at all. Some trial and error may be needed
Sarah4 Posts: 309
Thanks, My one at home is a cheaper one so its prob inkjet but I have access to a big lazerjet one so hopefully I can use this one and not waste too much paper doing it! Maybe I should have ordered extra sheets!
omnicube Posts: 21
Best thing to do is get slightly more supplies than you need so you can test and trial what works best. Regarding printers, definitely use the laser jet printer, much higher quality print and it won't smudge. Good luck!