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Inlove10 Posts: 806
I've a couple of questions about hospital bag for those of you going to HS: 1) Do you need to bring cellular blankets (other than 1 to bring baby home in)? 2) Do they supply cot sheets? 3) This may sound really silly but for those not keen on wipes (i've heard Midwifes frown upon them anyway, is there water handy for using with cotton wool? Like a sink in the room??? tanx
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi Inlove, my DS is nearly 4 so my answers will be based on my experience 4 years ago, but I have visited friends babys and think things are still the same. 1: You only need blankets to bring baby home in, hospital blankets are supplied, but yuo can use your own if you want (but why bother creating washing for yourself?) 2: Cost sheets etc are supplied 3: You need to bring cotton wool with you, there is a sink in each ward for water, and a bath-room for giving baby a bath on every corridor. If the nurses see you using wipes you get funny looks, so if you are going to use them (which I did, and will) do it when they are not around. Hope this answers your questions. :wv
Inlove10 Posts: 806
That's great thanks
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Inlove 10 I brought in just a few cellular blankets because hospital ones were a bit hard. I had wipes with me and never had any funny wipes, I used them if he was soiled. There is a little room off each ward where you have to change their nappies & there is sinks, changing mats and little bath there. The midwives are all v.helpful & friendly there. Best of luck *)
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Another question for you girls!? I thought they said in the ante natal class to only bring stuff for labour in your bag and keep stuff for your shower in your big bag as they'll ask DH to go and get it (keep it locked downstairs) when time came for you and baby to get washed : ) They definately said not to bring babygro, nappy etc in labour bag but now I'm confused as others have told me other hospitals advise you to bring your shower stuff in your labour bag - did I pick this up wrong? ?????? tanx : )
Princess Wifey Posts: 534
I put a nappy, babygro, vest, hat and towel for the baby in my labour bag and they asked me for them when we got down to the ward after the birth so they could clean and dress her (I'd had the epidural and couldn't get out of bed). Better to put them in the bag (they take up so little room cos they're so tiny O:o) ) - that way you OH doesn't have to race down to get your second bag. HTH :wv
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Did you put your own shower stuff in your big bag?
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Inlove I had a big bag with shower stuff, PJ's, towels etc in it for me and extra bits for babs, I also had a smaller one for the labour ward with nappy, vest, babygro, hat & mittens and a few bits for myself but they took both bags when I went in and locked them in the little room downstairs. I didnt do antenatal classes so I didnt know that they took your bags and I was all panicked that I didnt have my bits for baby. Anyway when DS was born they wrapped him in some blankets, I was in the labour room for another hour or so and then they took us up to our ward. A lovely midwive came in & asked DH to go get my bags and she dressed DS for me as I had epidural & couldnt get out of bed.
Jolee Posts: 567
Hi - just a tip re the wipes.. i used this and found it brilliant, a lot of my friends and even others in the wards took the idea too. Used it on both my babies and i'm ttc #3 now! Basically.. buy an airtight box (like those snap lid ones - just a small one iykwim) buy the roll of hospital quality cotton wool. cut the roll into palm sized squares. dip the squares into a bowl of water (can be previously boiled if you want, but no need) and squeeze them out. then start to tear layers off the cotton wool squares. You should get around 60 'wipes' per 4 strips of the wool. - Handy tip... add a dash of baby oil to the water before you dip in the squares, this gives a bit of moisture to the wipe. I always did this from day 1. Then you can put your homemade wipes into your airtight box and they wont dry out. Oh yeah - those zip-lock sandwich bags work as a 'container' too. So there ya go, cheap and very efficent and kind to skin wipes. And you dont need a sink handy. Trust me, after delivering your baby, then changing his/her nappy and you need to go to the sink to moisten your cotton wool... if the sink is 3 steps from your bed, it may as well be a million miles away!!!! you will be too tired, sore and not to mention you'll have the baby in your arms too! to even consider manipulating yourself out of the bed!! Good luck to you all in your pregnancies and labours and I hope to join ye soon. .... just read this back - oh lord I am a waffler!! takes a year to get my direction across... sorry! Hope you all understand! ha ha ha
love struck Posts: 1125
Inlove10 Definately bring your own blankets as someone else mentioned the ones in HS are horrible couldnt wait to get my lo out of it.. Also in relation to wipes I had them with me and no comment made.. In relation to changing and washing baby there is a little room of the wards to do all of this... Regarding the labor ward bag bring as little as possible you wont be given the option for a shower straight away so you can put them in your main bag,,