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motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Ok in general I can not complain. I am feeling good most of everyday, I don't need to take any iron(yet.. touch wood) and the worst I've had is a touch of a kidney infection, bad heartburn and bad rib pain but other then that I have not had a bad pregnancy by any means.. so far :o0 :-8 BUT I find that when DH and my mam are asked how I am they tend to answer with " Oh she's good, finds it tough some days but she's ok!!" :eek :eek Do any of you have this and feel like sometimes screaming I'm fine, infact I'm great! I know that especially since my energy is back I'm not moaning at all about my pregnancy, there have been some hassles with work colleagues and a lot of problems (relationship issues) with my DH's family that have been stressful and made things a little harder but no more so then if I wasn't pregnant.. Anyways I just wanted to see if anybody found that their family were the same and is it just how they are feeling about the whole thing.. Don't want to say it to them cos its probably just their way of thinking they are being nice but I feel like as if they are suggesting that I'm not really able for it :-8 Thanks :wv
mrscat Posts: 1082
Hiya, I wouldn't worry too much about the way they are phrasing it, but it sounds like it is annoying you all the same. This will pass, keep saying to yourself and your family that you feel great and how you are now really enjoying your pregnancy, it should rub off on them - best of luck!
nu Posts: 50
Hiya! I am the same! I was only feeling sick for about a total of 3 days which didn't even count in my books so when anyone asked if I had morning sickness I said no - only for hubby or mam to but in and say "ah now you were very sick at the start" found it very frustrating as it looked like I was lying! But it's only because they care and have sympathy for me - I think for my mam its the fact that her baby is having a baby and she wants to wrap me up in cotton wool. I have drummed it into them now that I feel great and they are coming round to my way of thinking! I wouldn't get down about it - it's just because they care!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks girls.. Like ye were saying I know they have the best of intentions but it has a negative effect! I've started the whole thing about stating over and over again.. I FEEL GREAT! So I think they are starting to see it now.. I hope for their sake it stops cos one day they'll say it when my hormones are not so balance and who knows how I'll react >:o( :o0 :o0 Thank anyways though, nice to know I'm not alone :thnk
mama2E Posts: 670
I think its lovely that everyone is so worried. I'm sort of the opposite. When anyone asks how I am I say I'm fine (when I really wrecked and nausous)and I'd love my hubby to say well actually she's exhausted at the mo!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor her!!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 I sound crazy I know but a little but of sympathy is nice now and again!!!!! Know totally what you mean about inlaws advice is keep your distance!!!!!
Always hoping Posts: 784
Mama2b I think I'm a bit like you! I say I'm great and to be honest I'm fairly okay but I have the usual complaints - tiredness, backache, rib pain, heartburn, occassional cramps and prob a few others but I do hear my Mum saying "Oh she's great etc..." I suppose I feel "that's my line" and a bit of sympathy would be nice without having to moan for it!!!
happycamper Posts: 186
I go mad when people ask me how i'm feeling.. I don't know why. Inside i'm screaming don't be so nosey. i just run off the usual oh grand not a bother. I can't go into my hubby's house without them all at some stage asking "well how are you feeling" I feel like screaming I'm pregnant not f-ing terminally ill. Or when someone asks and keeps looking at my little bumb i go crazy. i actually told his sister last nigth to talk to my face and stop staring at my bump. But she's an exception. It drives me mad. A quick glance is fine but this staring thing drives me crazy. It hasn't happened yet but god help anyone who touches the bump. I'll chop there hadn off :o0 :o0 :o0 especially his sisters :o0 :o0 Now i know i'm being a little ( :o0 ) unreasonable but hey i'm pregnant i'm allowed :o0 :o0