How do you choose godparents

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december06bride Posts: 245
Just wondering if there is anyone out there that is in a predicament about choosing godparents. I have 2 sisters and my husband has 1 brother. I thought maybe asking husbands brother and maybe one of my sisters but the problem is which one to ask. I had my oldest as my chief bridesmaid at the wedding so was thinking of asking the other sister but i dont want to offend either of them. Then we had a thought of asking my husbands brother and wife but i suppose that would look too bad not asking anyone from my side? any opinons or advice would be welcome please !!!!
mags s Posts: 591
well it seems to me you will put someone's nose out of joint whichever way you play it.....i would ask one of your sisters...ask the one that would really like to ask....if you dont mind, i would ask the one i felt would be the most put out if i hadnt asked them ( am i even making sense !! )
fire fly Posts: 1241
As far as I know it is tradition for your Best Man and your Chief Bridesmaid to be God Parents for your first child.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
It's a hard one, tradionally though it was the best man and bridesmaid so if you wanted your sister that was the bridesmaid you could use that as an excuse - or you could get them together, tell them your predicament and pull a name out of a hat if you didn't mind which one - they couldn't be put out then as they would know you didn't choose one over the other. I am going with my best man and bridesmaid but I have only one sister so easy for me. DH has 3 brothers though but thought it was easier to stick with best man
fire fly Posts: 1241
I was the exact same with our first septemberprincess, I have one sister and dh has 3 brothers. It gets harder the more children you have :o0
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Sorry firefly had posted my reply at the same time as you. You are right though, if please God I have a second there will be war as Dh has loads of sisters, nieces that will want to be godparents.
LabLady Posts: 4325
DH and I have had "discussions" about this and we are still ttc. I wanted my sis as a godmother as she is my only sis... I am godmother to her eldest. DH was asked to be GF to her second but he declined over a situation with his own sis. (not going into it now). He said no to my sis cause she lives in UK and whats the point of having a godmother abroad when a godparent should be around for a kid growing up or if you have more than one kid and something happened both of us, what would happen split the family? Its a tough one but Hopefully when the time comes we can work it out. If it ever happens! We are both GP's to his niece as we are a couple as SIL thought that would be the best option if anything ever happened her.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
dont know if this helps but my sil had all 3 of her sisters as godparents and my other brother was godfather.
nea dude Posts: 749
december06bride, You don't have to choose only 2 godparents. Why don't you have both sisters as godmothers, and one god father. You'll keep everyone happy and you'll also have more babysitters.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Ask what sister you really want to ask, try not to feel pressure to ask someone you feel you have to. Can i ask do you know if you have to have a godfather or can you have 2 godmothers? Although our best man was great he really wouldnt be who we would ask to be godfather, my one and only bridesmaid is moving to Australia and so i think we will have to choose others.