How far away from work do you live?

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reine Posts: 1771
Considering a house move, if at all possible. Anyway, the place we're looking at would involve a drive of +1 hour in the morning and evening, so a fair trek. Would this be feasible with a little one in tow? Would have to drop him at a childminder's somewhere on the way. As you can tell, this is by no means a fait accompli, just something we're looking into at the moment and want to see if it would be manageable, or are we nuts? Have fallen in love with a house and its location...
Fruice Posts: 677
I live very close to work now but for a while I lived just about 55-65 mins away, it was hell tbh. It added so much onto the day, and that was without bad weather, ice, traffic, and without a kid to drop anywhere. I would avoid it if possible.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
I think where you want to live is most important, if it'll be your home and you love it, work would come after that for me anyway. Jobs change but if this is going to be your home for good I'd jump at it! I live 35mins from work which is grand but can be a bit rough in bad weather, however, the weather is very rarely that bad and I love where we live.
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
I have a 40 minute drive to work.It's not bad but to be honest the ideal situation would be to live near work.......I don't think I could cope with a longer commute!Some people I work with only have a 5 minute drive & I just keep thinking how lucky they are.Think long & hard about it!
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Unless you're planning on trying to move your jobs closer to this home, then no , there is no way I would consider it long term. I used to do this once upon a time and it wears you down. That was pre kids. Outside of the long journeys, cost of petrol/diesel, how tiring it would be etc - I think a child would complicate this even more. Childcare - near work, near home or half way. All have their pros and cons. Then comes school and drop offs and pick ups, after school activities etc. Tbh at the end of the day I would not choose it - it's different if you have to do it, well then you'll manage. But there's no way I'd choose it just for a particular house or location. I do half an hour commute and childcare is half way. I wouldn't do childcare half hour from home though.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Unless it's a supremely cool renovated cottage hanging off the jaws of the Atlantic with a helicopter attached, then I wouldn't go for it meself. Every few months I drive meself insane by considering taking work an hour's drive away. But no matter how often we tot up the fuel and mental health costs, and size up the childcare arrangements from 55 different angles, it remains a non-starter. I currently do over an hour round commute, my fella does well over two and a half. It's soul-destroying, especially in Winter. Besta luck with what you decide.
LazyBaby Posts: 464
I live 10mins from work and honestly there is no way I would willingly move to that distance of 1 hour commute. That's 10 hours a week spent in a car away from the little one and not getting paid for it so complete non value adding only stress and resentment inducing. Waste of precious smallie time in my opinion.
reine Posts: 1771
[quote="Weird Cat Lady":1zszz678]Unless it's a supremely cool renovated cottage[/quote:1zszz678] It is. Unfortunately, you are all right though and it is too far. It currently takes me 40 minutes to get to work. Not ideal, but doable. To be honest, due to the nature of my job, living 10 minutes down the road would actually be a negative. The reality is that I'll have to knock this dream on the head. For now anyway.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
We're considering moving down d'country and we both work in Dublin City centre. We live in a crap small house in the city and we hate it. The commute is the only thing holding us back from moving. We decided to rent a place for a month in the country to try the commute. Would that be an option for you?
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Ah crossed posts. If you already do 40 mins and find it doable there's not much more in 20 mins extra once you're in the car. I'd be inclined to try it if at all possible.