How has your sex life changed since you got BFP?

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doone Posts: 503
Hi, have been searching through the old topics and the net on this and have to say there is not a lot of "really life" info on it. Thought it might be TMI for some people and the poll would be interesting if you want to stay anonymous !! I've been quite surprised in the changes so far, just in how everything feels very different during sex and now that bubs is kicking that has just thrown another whole thing in the mix. Finger crossed the poll works, i've never created one before !
marleymoo Posts: 503
Def feel ours is better :lvs I was lucky in that I had no MS (yet!) Think its to with not having to think about TTC, sounds corny but feel even more love for DH now we have a baba growin in my tummy but more likely to do with all the increased blood flow around the important areas >:o)
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I just havnt been in the mood to fully DTD and just dont feel natural having intercourse :-8 I wish I didnt feel that way, I'm just nervous about doing it since I felt more pregnant. I do other stuff though to make up for it but really think I need to just do it once and see for myself that theres no harm whatsoever in having sex. I wouldnt have us go a whole 5months (as I said, its only been since I've felt really pregnant).
lcarrick Posts: 1639
deffo has been different since bfp. i just dont be in the mood lately. especially when boobs where really sore even having a bra on was hurting them, and i was really tired for the first while so was hitting the hay at 9ish! poor hubbie, he's been brill about it, leaving it to me to say follow me up >:o) i do know though that if we're dtd and babs kicked hubbie that would be it for him. :o0
candypants Posts: 8575
Mine is non existent at the min! Poor OH!!
marles Posts: 1397
Ours was pretty non-existent in the first trimester,but now I feel so much more into it.I actually have my libido back. I had no interest at all for the first while,but my OH has been great. As another poster mentioned,I was so tired at the start and my boobs were so sore it totally put me off. I don't know how I would feel if baby kicked OH that would be a little weird.
DaisyB Posts: 1708
i really dont be in the mood much at all poor hubby!he would be very very lucky to get it once a week.. didnt have much of a sex life for the 1st few weeks at all i was afraid untill the 12 weeks so i suppose its an improvement from that...
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
Oh God, I feel sorry for DH! I was on pelvic rest for first trimester due to 2 mc's and am still taking pessaries at night so ours has been non existent! I also had brutal sciatica from 10 weeks until very recently! tbh i have mentioned it a few times lately as i have definitely been in the mood but he is having none of it now that I have a definite bump! Think I am going to look forward to afterwards and dtd for the fun of it rather than ttc!!! i would say that we are very close in the last few months which is lovely, and we rarely if ever row since i got pg.
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Im sooo glad you posted this donne, I was thinking the exact same. Marleymoo im so jealous, espeacially coz we're the same number of weeks pg. The first few weeks, up to 6 weeks, we DTD every week. Then after bleed, suspected MC we stopped, then started again at 9 weeks, again once a week. Im just not in the mood lately, not feeling very s*xy! We had an "early night" on Saturday but between not been able to move like I used to and been able to feel like my womb was moving with every thrust, I ended up just going to the motions O:| On the plus I definitely feel more love for DH :heartbeat: , which I didnt think was possible, but I would love to have our old habits back. Hangover s*x is the best, my only two vices >:o) and both been taken from me :duh:
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
ours is non-existant pretty much since bfp, i had 2 miscarriages last year and when i got this bfp i didnt want to risk anything, so we dtd 1st time at 16 weeks and back a couple of weeks ago again! i have a bit of a libido in the mornings but dh not here :o( :o0