how many ww points do i get per day

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mac tavish Posts: 296
Hi im trying to get the courage up to go to weight watchers again but would like to do it myself for a week or two and see how i get on. Im 12 stone 3 :o( need to loose a stone to be my pre pregnancy weight. So how many points do i get in a day is it 20 or 22? Thanks.
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Hi mac, what height + age are ya? also are you breast feeding etc? all this is taken into account when doing up your points. O-O
mac tavish Posts: 296
oh it doesnt just go by weight anymore! Im 5 foot 8, 31 and not breastfeeding anymore.
Babs Aug08 Posts: 828
You are allowed 21 points based on: In your day to day life, are you? "sitting down most of the time" add 2 on if this is "occasionally sitting, but mainly standing" Best of luck *)
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
it depends on height too and your activities in the day, i was 12:4 starting off in Feb, 5"4 in height, was allowed 22 points, i lost 2 stone, now allowed 18-19 and now im finding it tough.....