How much money to put in card these days?

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Mischa10 Posts: 429
Hi Just wondering how much people are putting in cards going to weddings. When I got married in 2008 we mostly got 200 in a card and would have given the same. That just seems like a lot now and we can't really afford it! Going to wedding at end of month! Thanks Mx
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Hiya, I would say that it varies alot from person to person. Personally, we give 200 - more if it is a family member. That's what we can afford at the moment - now if our circumstances changed I would have no problem putting less. I'm sure your company is the most important gift for the couple. HTH
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
I would say 150 should be ok given the current climate but I would give more if it was a very close friend or family member.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I'd say give whatever you can afford. I'd be delighted to get anything from our guests. We'd normally give €150+ depending on what we can afford, but I think €50 ot €100 is absolutely fine.
grazia Posts: 740
anything from 100 - 200 should be fine - think 50 would be too little for a gift from 2 people
elpi Posts: 748
We would give €200 if it was family or close friends and €150 to anyone else
lilybelle Posts: 424
we give 150 to neighbours work friends etc we give 200 to our circle of closest friends and cousins etc
Ditsy Posts: 48
also it totally depends on what people gave you - it would be pretty rude to give less than what was received! Yep I agree on the 150+ from 2 people
lavendergirl Posts: 478
Always give 150 , unless family (300), or very close friends( 200). Would not buy a new dress /shoes rather than giving a smaller present . We save a lil extra every month so that we have it when weddings come around
flor Posts: 1621
we nearly always give e200, but if things were tight still wouldn't give any less than e150. would curb spending on outfit, drinks etc rather than give a smaller gift.
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