How much weight did u put on in 1st trimester?

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fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
After my wedding I put on a stone and a half , I never managed to lose it before getting my BFP but for the last 11 wks I have not put on a lb or lost any. I dont know if its because I cant eat much because I feel so nauseous. Should I be worried that I am not putting on anything, since the books say it should be up to 4lbs in the first trimester. I would appreciate if you could take my poll. Thanks :wv
wasy Posts: 453
I have put on 6lbs which I think is too much but have been so tired cant even get out for a walk, was at the hosp for 1st apt today and doc said that I should try to put on only another 7lbs-14lbs and taht the books are wrong when they recommend up to 2 stone as this is too much am worried now so will be off to swimming pool as much as poss
sinion Posts: 6050
I really wouldn't worry about it, i'm 5 months now and only 4 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight, as I lost so much due to severe vomiting. All the weights mentioned in books etc are just generalised, each woman in entirely different so nothing for you to be worrying about.
lila Posts: 982
I lost about 5lbs in first trimester. This was mainly due to having no appetite and having bad nausea. Try not to worry too much about the weight you've gained. Everyone is different as regards how fast they gain weight so as long as you are not eating for 2' and getting regular excercise (its much easier in 2nd trimester) you will be fine....
swissgirl Posts: 2301
gained 6lbs!
nu Posts: 50
Everybody reacts differently to pregnancy so everything is classed as normal - gp's and consultants generally don't weigh you anymore as it's not an issue. Once the baby's measurements are on track and your bloods/urine/bp etc. are ok then you have nothing to worry about and nothing to conform to! :wv
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I agree 100% with nu. With DD, I gained a total of 49lbs :-8 by 40 weeks (when she arrived). I had severe MS until 18 weeks pg, but still managed to gain over 10lbs in first tri. Towards the end, I felt huge (I [b:7b4lmp3j]was[/b:7b4lmp3j] huge), but 4 days later I had lost 28lbs - and she was only 9lbs. I was slow to lose it, as I suffered with SPD even after the birth, but by 7-8 months after she was born, I was back to my pre-pg weight. This time round I only gained 5lbs in the first tri, despite not having any MS - completely different to my first tri last time. Now at 26 weeks I'm up 21lbs, so it looks like I'm headed for a high weight gain again :o(, despite being more active this time and eating better. Everyone is different though, so please don't compare weight gain with others, as you'll only end up depressing yourself. As long as baby is growing ok, and you're healthy, it doesn't matter how much you gain, you can lose it afterwards. HTH
lambnose Posts: 915
I can't remember exactly what I put on in the first trimester but I do know that I weighed 56kg at the start of the pregnancy and that I am now 65kg so that is 9kg so far with aabout 4 weeks to go. Not sure if that is too much or too little!
kcchinny Posts: 71
Hey there, I wouldnt worry Im the same. I got weighed on the 27th of Feb, when I was 9 wks. Got weighed again last Fri the 11th, 16 weeks. Thought I would pile on pounds wasnt watching much what I was eating had a good few chips etc. Not one lbs in the difference. The doctor said it was fine, just ment that the baby was guzzling pretty much everything I was eating and balancing everything out. I had a headcold over Easter Wkend too and I ate scraps of food. Dont worry, we will be complaining about all the lbs being piled on soon enough. Enjoy your food. I have a craving for a dougnut with jam since last night!!! Lol. DH wouldnt get me one (at 12am).
roxychick Posts: 1802
Lost 16lbs in the first trimester due to sickness. Couldn't eat at all. Have put that back on plus a stone and I've only 3 weeks to go