how to clean wedding dress??

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Dunvara Posts: 127
hi newly weds, just wondering how you cleaned your wedding dress. Mine is Ivory with a lot of lace and is very delicate. It was raining on the day so the train and end of dress got very dirty. Also there's tan around the underarms... I don't think that dry cleaning will get these out without wrecking the dress. I have also heard some horror stories re dry cleaning for example one friend who had a lace dress got it dry cleaned and it came back yellow. I am thinking of washing it in the bath tub...or am I mad???
Noisin Posts: 448
No your not mad. I washed mine by hand, just didn't want to spend another 150. Mine wasn't overly dirty. Just slight tan marks under arm, and alot of road dust on under skirt, so dirty enough, unavoidable. No stains. I know I posted this on an older thread from way back if you can find it. I used vanish oxi action liquid mixed with Luke warm water, vanish soap with a tooth brush I massaged the stains, the vanish took them out, I gently rubbed the under skirt, then filled up bath, with warming water veering on cold with hand wash solution, I do buy the Tesco hand wash liquid or the Persil hand wash liquid. The Tesco one is perfect does the job, I posed it up and down in bath, left it soak for an hour or more. Not too long either. Then went about rinsing it 3 times in water. Just didn't over rub or squeeze or ring the dress. I towelled dried it in fairly new white towels, and just lay it flat and wrapped in towels. Then I laid towels over clothes rack then my dress, didn't want to mark the dress with the mark of the rack, and it dripped dried just lightly toweled dried as much excess water as I could. It came out perfect. I read here that sometimes the dry cleaners put them on a cold cycle in a washing machine. Didnt think all the agitating of the machine would do the dress any favours. Turned out perfect. The tan marks came out and the underskirt cam out perfect.
Dunvara Posts: 127
Thanks Noisin, that was really detailed advice!! The toothbrush is a great idea!! Think I'm gonna give it a go!!
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
Hi there I washed mine in the washing machne in the most delicate wash. Also did the BM dresses and the flowergirl one. All came out perfect.
ytweddingalbums Posts: 12
I have a blog post about properly storing your wedding dress. Here is the link: ... ding-gown/