how to find out price of consultants?

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MrsNiF Posts: 59
hi all i'm 5 and half weeks and haven't called the hospital yet as i'm having sleepless nights with the semi private or private debate in my own head :o( it's driving me mental i have to be honest. money is the only issue. we have saved for it but then we could use our savings for other things... anyway i was just wondering do you have ring up for a price list for consultants in Rotunda or am i missing it on the website dopey so and so that i am. thanks a mill
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
Congrats MrsNiF Yep you just ring the consultant's secretary and get their prices. Best of luck
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Congrats MrsNiF. all consultants charge a different price. Usually you just phone up and ask the private clinics for the cost for whatever consultants you are interested in. The website really only gives you the list of consultants and not their pricing. There was thread here yesterday or day before called Rotunda private - it may give you some further experiences of mums. hth