how to include brother?

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kkwedding Posts: 36
Just looking for some advice wollies.... I have only one brother, no sisters, and he is not one of the groomsmen. On the day, he wont be part of the bridal party as such, he wont be at the top table. Feleling terrible about it because he's the only one left out really. So i was thinking of maybe getting him the same suit as the groomsmen, even though he wont be a groomsmen. Has anyone ever done this? Will it look uneven in the photos? Sorry if im blabing! Looking for any advice from anyone who's been in this situation!
MrsBC2b Posts: 205
I am exactly the same. One brother and he will be wearing the bridal party suit. He will be in all of the family photos so he may as well match in. I am also getting him to do a reading in the church and to be a point of contact for directions for anyone who gets lost. He seems happy with these jobs too
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I have two brothers and neither is a groomsman. I am putting them both in suits though and making them ushers (they are both VERY charming when they want to be and will be great at organizing people and making old ladies blush). The younger one will do a reading and I may ask the older one to be my witness though not too sure on that as we are not that close.
Rubix Posts: 692
How about asking him to be an usher and handing out mass booklets? There are always little jobs to be done and if you are conscious of his feelings this could be a way of including him. If he's dressed up in a matching suit Im sure he will feel the part.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My sisters were my CBM and BM and I got my brother to do the 1st reading. He was sitting right next to the top table with his wife and daughter. I really don't think an adult will care or feel left out. He was in all the family shots and the photographer took shots of just the siblings. He features plenty in the photo album and the day. We just got him a buttonhole but no bridal party suit; it wasn't necessary.
Magsk Posts: 644
Hi im the same ive 2 lovely lil twin bros age 20 im putting them im the same suits as our groom mens just want them part of it too do whatever suits you :wv
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I was the same, my brother was the only sibling not in the bridal party or at the top table. He didn't mind at all though, we offered to suit him but he bought a suit for himself (wanted a different colour), he did a reading and handed out mass booklets and he was happy out. It depends on the person really so maybe ask him what kind of thing he would like to do or would he like to do a reading?
Twirl Posts: 5598
I was the same, only one brother and he wasnt in the bridal party. So he did a reading for me and also was great in the church showing people which side to sit on. He was brilliant actually.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
My only brother wasnt in the bridal party and one of my sisters wasnt either, but they did the readings and a prayer of the faithful he organised the bridesmaids too for me tho, we used his car and he drove them to the church, photographs, hotel etc, could you get him involved like that maybe? :wv
mrswifey Posts: 775
I had all my immediate family, my husband's immediate family, and their partners/husbands/wives at out top table - regardless of what role, if any, they played in the ceremony. We also had the best man's wife. I don't see the need to separate people by the role they play in the wedding, it just doesn't seem fair. There is no way I wouldn't put a member of my own family sitting with us all for my wedding dinner!! Apart from anything, I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much if I hadn't all my family with me - I also put my mum to one side of me and my husband to the other. I know it's traditional to have your chief bm next to you, but I wanted to be able to talk to my mum and have a laugh with her over the dinner etc... Please don't forget - it is totally up to you, it is only tradition that dictated the whole top table malarky so there is no need for you to leave your brother out - I would be massively offended if one of my siblings did that to me. (I am not trying to give out to you here - It's totally obvious that you don't want to leave him out at all - I am just making the point that you don't have to - its your wedding, you decide who sits where!!!) Unless all your guests are over 70, there will be few enough who would even notice or care that there was someone at the table who wasn't actively involved in the wedding. If you really feel that he should have a role, then definitely Usher and put him in same suit as groomsmen. Best of luck!!