HR Question, returning to work

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CocoBeans Posts: 841
Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here... I'm thinking about taking a year off after my maternity leave. My employer pays me 20% of my wage while I'm on maternity. Can I just hand in my notice after my 6 months? Do I have to return to work? Thanks a million!
wowza Posts: 556
I'd say that's probably a question unique to your work place- it's probably in your contract somewhere.
wowza Posts: 556
Do you mean a career break? Or quitting your job and looking for another after a year? Some places that pay during mat leave do state you have to come back or pay them back.
LizaMinnelli Posts: 171
Hi there Your employer can potentially claim back the surplus you have been paid above state welfare if you leave within a certain period of returning ie. within 6 months. Only way to know for sure though is ask HR what their policy is. HTH! :thnk
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
agree with others, this is most likely specific to your company. If you are just quitting your job you don't necessarily have to return to work. You can contact your HR in advance and confirm this, they could look for you to serve your notice but given that you have been off on leave I doubt there would be any benefit to this.
Daff Posts: 11644
most companies have it in the contract that you have to return for a minimum amount of time or pay back the money given. check yoru contract and good luck!
no2herewego Posts: 802
Yep agree with others, it will depend on company policy, would you consider taking your parental leave, it's now 18 weeks per child.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Thanks everyone. There's nothing in my contract and we have no HR department. I wouldn't like them to know I wanted to leave if it turns out I have to go back... I want to leave work altogether for the next two years ) incl maternity). But the wages I get during ML will make this possible. Thanks again