HS Semi Private Booking Visit

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secretsnuggler Posts: 374
Hi all, When I had my DD, the booking visit was done in the public clinic, but now it seems to be done in the semi private clinic (for semi private patients obviously!). If anyone has been there recently, does your appointment time actually mean the time that you'll get seen at, or do they give everyone the same time and then it's basically first come first served?? Just want to figure out if it's worth my while going in early or not! Thanks in advance ladies :thnk
tanksnews Posts: 175
Hiya I had my booking appoint in sp clinic 4 weeks ago, & remembering from the last time paid €9 on parking. Was in & out & home in an hour! There was one patient in front of me. Registered in the pre fab & they do the bloods etc just across in main building. I was there about 5mins early maybe & another girl came in just after me. I cant say if we both had same appointment time cos she was only other person I saw. According to secretary they're not as busy as they were in 2009/10. I'll believe that on monday when am back in afternoon consultant clinic for 16 wk appoint. Best of luck & congrats
secretsnuggler Posts: 374
Ooh, that's very encouraging! Thanks for the heads up tanksnews :) I'd say when I was in in 2010 it was probably 2 hours, and fairly chaotic in the public section. Fingers crossed I'll get through as quickly as you did! Best of luck with your 16 weeks appointment :babydust: