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Tunes Posts: 186
Anyone have one? Which one and would you recommend it. I'm trying to upgrade my phone from a normal old school nokia but cant decide and I think I have it narrowed down to this but open to opinions on it cuz dont know anyone with one.... It used to be so easy to pick a phone and now its soooooooooooo complicated
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I've a HTC Desire HD - I absolutely LOVE it. I couldn't fault one thing about it - its excellent. Its really easy to use for such a smart piece of equipment. Its a strong and sturdy phone, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S which I thought to be quite plastic IYKWIM. I did a lot of research online and in Vodafone shops and the HTC Desire came out on top all the time. The normal HTC Desire is a little smaller than the HTC Desire HD and it look me a fortnight to decide which one to go for. I thought the HTC Desire HD was too big but it was a better phone so I got it. After a half hour messing on it after I got it I didn't notice the size of it (an amazing 4.3 inch screen - its great when viewing photos, playing games, using apps and maps) The HTC Desire is so easy to use, and IMO its even better than the iPhone as you don't have to use iTunes, which can sometimes complicate things! My OH has commented how my phone is NEVER out of my hand - I love it that much!