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rop Posts: 1453
to book the bleepin pre marriage course!!! O:| filled out the booking form - got h2b to sign in - thought i sent it off and it should be next weekend. just cleaning up my desk in work and found the bleeping form!!! O:| O:| rang to see when the next one is and its not till April - cant believe it. is there a certain time that your meant to have it done by? weddings not till August - oh i cant believe - what a thick! O:| h2b is going to have a great laugh at this one!!! :o0
shala Posts: 1733
Ah don't worry - April is time enough!
garran9 Posts: 4401
I don't think there is a time limit like the notification etc.! :wv :wv
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
marianf Posts: 5845
Yes I agree with tiredbride, it is 3 months before. I am sure that your priest would understand if you were late doing it. After all it isnt a legal requirement. Don't be stressing.
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
It is 3 months before but I have found that they are filling up pretty fast so I wouldn't hang around with booking it as there are bound to be lots of weddings in August in your area...
Callalily Posts: 325
Don't worry about it - there was a couple on our course who were getting married in 2 weeks' time...! I'm sure you'll be grand!
urmysunshine Posts: 12
Don't panic!! I've booked mine for June and i'm getting married early August. Was told by lovely lady when i booked it that they would recommend doing it at least 4 months in advance - but they won't turn you away!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
Tis not 3 months!!! [size=75:16h0z98x](is it?)[/size:16h0z98x] We're getting married in May and only doing ours in April and the church knows that and hasn't said anything about it. H2B works all hours so we're waiting on the first 1 day one this year as trying to get him home early on 4 evenings to do the course would be nigh on impossible. Cue me sitting at the course ALONE with a big sour head on me :o0
chatter2cat Posts: 996
We're doing ours in April for August! At no point has anyone said to us you need it done *insert number here* of months beforehand - but I guess different priests have different ideas. I'm sure they'll be flexible, long as you do the course! ROP - sort of thing I do. Absolutely convince myself I've done something. I have a great imagination :o0 Least you found it before you turned up! :-8