I feel so low for being ott:work safety issue

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mumsy2 Posts: 62
i'm 6 weeks pregnant, i work as a microbiologist but being trained in chemistry due to restructuring within the company. bout week and half ago i discovered i was pregnant on babs number 2, so i told my boss in confidence that i needed to avoid a particular chemical which is know to cause abortions in pregnant women. that was fine, he made exceptions for me not to work with it , so then in the mean time we decided it best to organise to have a work safety risk assement as to find out really what additional chemicals i shouldnt be dealing with. so this has been arranged for monday with me coming in on my day off. that was all on tuesday. i was off wednesday and was working last night and i'm working again tonight. but in the meantime i felt until i knew for sure what chemicals i could/could not work with that i put my training off until after the assesment on monday.so thurs morn i emailed my boss from home raising my concern. went into work last night only to get a mail from him saying that he had asked around if there were any chemicals of danger to me. so heres me now thinking the fecker has made it obvious i'm pregnant and there weren't so i was to progress my training. thing is all these chemicals are grand for a normal person but not a pregnant woman to put it in context. so last night i emailed the EHS dept raising my concern stating due to a medical condition and until after the medical assement on monday that i really didn't want to carry out any further training and i also forwarded them the mail my boss had replied to me. just got a phonecall from the head dept saying that the matter had been investigated etc etc and that my boss has laid on other work for me to do instead. thing is why do i feel as if i'm over reacting to things once again (we had a gas leak on my last pregnancy in the lab and there was a bit of bother again with ehs involved). why do i feel so low in myself for causing all this upset within the dept especially if my pregnacy doesn't progress beyond 12 weeks. i will feel like a total twat and fool if the pregnancy doesn't work out for causing a storm like this and for getting the EHS involved. all i want is for my little bean inside me to make it. i really want this baby to make it because it is such a wanted baby just like our beautiful ds. why am i feeling so crap. sorry for the rant but thanks for taking the time to read
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Ah don't be feeling low :xox You work in an area that you have to take precautions as soon as you realise that you are pregnant. My SIL was in the same situation and her bosses were very accommodating. I think it's inbred in us to feel quilty about putting other people "out" as such ... sure I still feel guilty for taking time off for my doctors appointments, when I know full well I'm entitled to that time. It's a pity that you've had to tell that you're pregnant earlier than you wanted, but at the same time, you and the bean come first, so don't be worrying about it - not good for bean!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Dont be feeling guilty! You probably feel like a burden but I'm sure the people in your job dont want you at any risk either, so they will go out of their way to make sure all is ok for you. You're probably just tired. Theres alot to deal with in the early weeks. I would do whatever possible to avoid any harmful chemicals. Even if that includes not cleaning the loo :o0
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hey mumsy2, take all that the pressure off your shoulders, you are not over reacting IMO. Many woman give up tea and coffee and don't dye their hair etc, going to huge meassures to give their LO the best start they can. You are working with chemical which can be dangerous to your LO even before it takes a breath, you are only being a natural mummy protecting your unborn. Congrats on the baby and very very best of luck.
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
don't think you are over-reacting either.. really important to mind yourself and take precautions. Remember your health and health of babs is of paramount importance, so you are right to be cautious.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
mumsy Ah god don't be hard on yourself. Take a step back and think that you would do if this was happening someone else? What advise would you give them?? You would prob tell them to do the same thing you did and YOU ARE DEAD RIGHT!!!!!!! Never never feel like you are making a mountain out of a molehill. You are doing what any person in your situation would do, EHS are right and you should be doing alternative work until it is resolved and you get the risk assessment done. If god forbid the pg didn't progress, you still are totally doing the right thing and don't feel bad for making a fuss. your boss, EHS etc should be the one's insisting of making a fuss etc, not leaving it up to the employee to stand up for themselves. It's a disgrace really. I hope you feel somewhat better about yourself/the situation. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Agree with others. Your pregnancy is your priority right now whether you are 6 weeks or 26 weeks. You have the same rights. Put yourself in your boss shoes and I'm sure they are glad you advised them about your new situation and they are happy for you and doing everything to help you.