I loved Shane - the best man!

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Jawl Posts: 8881
Shane was brilliant! Me and h2b were pissing ourselves at Shane. He did nothing but play snooker, drink cans, prance around the bridal shop with a veil on his head. And on the morning of the wedding it was class when he answered the phone to the BM about no dress, Shane hadn't a clue! Then trying to get the most uptight groom in the world to go for a pint before the ceremony cos "It's your wedding boy - YOUR WEDDING"
Asscher Posts: 732
Ha ha what was he like creeping around the back of the shop in the veil. Had to laugh at the typical boys priorities. The pool table had pride of place in the house. Cue shot of them eating brekkie morning of wedding and all the boys are balancing plates on their laps as there is no table other than the pool one in the place.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Ah no, he was useless! The only decent thing he did was make the breakfast on the morning of the wedding - unfortuntely he didnt provide the kitchen table as they were all eating on the laps on tiny stools in the conservatory! He didn't seem very interested at all! He just played pool (badly) and drank. He wanted to stop at the pub on their way to the church. Thats all fine if your in plenty of time - but these lads weren't!!