I'm confused... (and maybe a slight spoiler...)

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Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
This should probably be in the 'entertainment' forum, but I know this forum gets the most traffic so I thought I would post here I sat down to watch Coronation Street for the first time in a little while last night, and I saw that Maria was talking to Tony in the cemetary. Everything seemed ok between them in fact I read the front of a magazine which suggests it gets a bit more than 'ok' between them soon...... But the last time I saw Corrie, she was going mad at him every opportunity she got, as she knew Tony had killed Liam. What happened????
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
Maria thought he killed Jed aswell but then when Jed turned up alive she was like ok well maybe he didnt kill Liam after all?? So she decided to stop going on about it and get over it. Yea i read they get together too???
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
But I thought Tony actually admitted it to Maria that he killed Liam? I can't believe she would chnage her mind so quickly about him. I must become more dedicated to my soaps from now on to avoid confusion like this! Thanks Burke2b :thnk
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Don;t know if this is true or not but I read that they get together? Its going on a bit too long for me though, I am starting to hope he will bump that Maria one off....
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
but tony also said he killed Jed (but didnt) so she just thought then that he lied about killing Liam? The story line is really annoying now. Tony told Carla the other night and now Carla has done a runner- why cant she just tell the police and it all be over with O:| O:|
fruitypie Posts: 826
It was in the english papers last week that Carla is going out of it for a while because she's due a baby in real life.. Turns out that Maria forgives all with Tony and ends up with him!!! :eek People were giving out about it, saying that it's gone to god! I'm inclined to agree with them! It is a bit crappy lately!
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Yep, I read that too. I agree it is going on way too long.... If they are getting togehter I'd say it will all reach a dramatic conclusion along the lines of.... Maria, whilst in a relastionship with Tony, finds out for sure that he killed Liam, then Tony tries to kill her to quieten her, but she manages to kill him in self defence... Or I could just be completely wrong and they all live happily ever after!!!!!
jen09 Posts: 1390
carla had a baby girl in real life the other day
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
OMG they are all getting together in that family!!!