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coraline Posts: 925
I got two really nice ones in Mothercare, non wired so super comfy but also give good support.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Arnotts have a good selection
octbride2007 Posts: 774
try peaches and cream in hibernian way, d2....they do maternity bras aswell as wedding lingerie
funkyfish Posts: 7626
try sports bras!
Mama2b! Posts: 131
I was told to ditch the underwired ones until after you stop breastfeeding as it damages the breast tissue and you can get horrible stretchmarks on them. I got a couple of the non wired ones from M&S and they're grand but not that flattering in a sexy way! But i was in the US a few weeks ago and got the most amazing soft, stretchy non wired bras and they just cost me $20 for 2 of them. I have one on me now but will have to go to the loo to take it off and have a look! :eek I'll post the name up soon!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Thanks for the info Mama2B! Must invest in a few non wired ones myself so. :thnk
Mama2b! Posts: 131
Hey I have the name of that really nice bra from the US..you can order online from loads of place, just google it. They're called Warner bras and the ones I have are the non-wired softcup ones. Good luck!
Emomc Posts: 2069
Girls-if you are used to underwired and feel comfy in them you can get away with these until you are about 30 weeks plus. My sister is a midwife and she explained that the reason they dont recommend them in later pregnancy is when the mulk ducts are forming. I wore underwire with an extender until about 30 weeks