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Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
If I'd the morning free, I'd hop back into bed with my book and have a nice lazy morning to myself. Unfortunately, I don't!
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Also bored today - its my day off and usually I would go out walking etc but I am sick. Woke up this morning croaking and head pounding - 12th day of this cold so staying indoors :o(
Dollydel Posts: 1726
CarolinaMoon- You still not feeling better? :action32 If I had the day off I would lock myself away and study for the day. If I wasn't in college and had the day off I would cook up dinners for the week, go for a walk, clean out my clothes, iron, change the spare bed, sort of bills/taxes/household paperwork, wash my car, visit my family... All these things are on my to do list at the moment but I just can't get to any of it.
Jawl Posts: 8881
Are you at home now chilling or back in work? I'm in work for the day, but there's a lot going on today, with functions, so there's no work as such. It's like the day of the holidays in primary school :o0 I've just scoffed a bit of choc fudge cake for my breakfast :o0 I love it!
R2theB Posts: 1660
Never be bored when you have the internet, stream a good tv show (may I suggest Arrested Development, Breaking Bad or The Wire?) or have a look at this site... http://stream.pleated-jeans.com/ ... there's hundreds of pages of hilarious pictures, I've wasted a good deal of my spare time on there but at least I was laughing! :wv
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
[quote="Dollydel":1r445hvn]CarolinaMoon- You still not feeling better? :action32 [/quote:1r445hvn] No Dolly, still not better....everything just hurts at this stage and I am worn out and feeling miserable :o(
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
[quote="miamiladyde":2zr9d3wt] I was in the hospital this morning at 9.30 for x-ray got there early and was seen straight away was out by 9:25 home by 9:45 and now bored bored bored, all I wanted was to relax in hospital with my book for an hour O:| [/quote:2zr9d3wt] I hate when I've gotten rid of the kids to go to something like that and then feel cheated by being seen on time/early! If I had the kids with me and was trying to keep them entertained I'd be left waiting for hours!