Idea for sharing photos - what do you think?

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Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
Hi Guys, Got this idea from another site. Alot of people are shy about sharing their wedding report photos or else they take them down soon after they have put them up. I've missed loads this way :o( I would also be dubious about putting up photos on the www for everyone to see. So...what would you all think of us setting up a fickr account with a special wol username and password. Therefore photos could be uploaded privately on flickr and could be only viewed by those who have the password and username. The password and username could be shared either openly on threads or by PM between each other. Either way it would ensure that photos would not show up in a google search or be available in a very public way for everyone to see. Any thoughts? Apologies if this has been suggested before and dismissed as an idea. Thanks, MF
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Thats what I did for mine set up a account and asked wollies to pm me if they wanted to see photos and then I pm'd them the link and password. Id say a lot of people wouldnt be arsed but most of the regular wollies pm'd me. Got a few pm's from new wollies though and i just ignored them - sorry but was very picky about who I wanted to see them! Only problem with what your suggesting is - say I put my photos on this and didnt want to put up the link and password (as anyone can see that) but then someone else put it up on a thread then you cant control who sees your photos?? I know what you mean though its a little bit more private. Edit to say - I think the wedding reports section should only be viewable to registered wollies!
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
That's a good idea MrsDCee - the reports should only be available to those who have registered and posted say 20 times!