In the evenings..what do ye all do?

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sineaaad Posts: 402
Most evenings after work I do a few things around the house and then lie on the sofa in front of the telly with my feet up! I was chatting to a mid wife about this the other day and she said I should sit up straight with my back straight and my feet flat on the ground. She said this will encourage the baby to go into the correct position. She said not to worry about how I have been sitting up untill now but from now on I shouldn't lie on the sofa!!! I got so paranoid about it that I sat on a kitchen chair last night watching telly. It wasn't comfortable! I was also thinking I might start going out walking in the evenings too but I dont know if i'd have the energy! I was just wondering has anyone else heard this about sitting up straight and what ye all do in the evenings Sinead
StayShiny Posts: 1078
Not sure this helps, but: I think it recommends the leaning forward sitting position! whatever that is :o0 wow it windy out! ----- [i:24bqsol3]extract:[/i:24bqsol3] Now, when do you start thinking more about your baby's position? Usually in the last 4 -6 weeks of pregnancy, I feel it is important to find out your baby's position. Surprisingly, not all health care professionals know how to palpate for baby's position. In this case, try seeing for yourself what position you feel baby in based on these clues: Rolling sensations and kicking near the ribs (anterior) or pokes and kicks towards your middle front (posterior)? Hard solid mass when you feel around (anterior) or small knobby protrustions and empty spaces (posterior)? (Be sure to be lying on your back and feel mostly with your palms, skin on skin, applying gentle pressure). Belly button sticking out (anterior) or belly button sunk in or saucer shaped (posterior)? Heartbeat easy to find (anterior) or difficult to find (posterior)? There is something you can do in the last weeks of pregnancy to ENCOURAGE your baby to assume an optimal (anterior) position. It has to do with body mechanics and pelvis mechanics. We live in a sedentary society and far too many pregnant women spend their last weeks of pregnancy with legs up and pelvis rocked back (knees up higher than your pelvis). This lifestyle seems to encourage baby to settle into a posterior position. The key is to try and adopt positions in your everyday life that tilt your pelvis towards the front, with your knees always lower than your pelvis. If you're thinking "Huh?" again, do not worry. Birth language can be a difficult language to navigate. Pauline Scott's book is written for every mom, regardless of your knowledge of birth terminology! Let's try looking at it this way. Sitting: Avoid recliners and cars with bucket seats. Now, this doesn't mean you have to get a different car, it just means that you want to make sure you are always sitting up straight. For example, when riding in a car, you can bring a pillow or towel to tuck under your bottom so that you are sitting up straight. This is true of all sitting you do, make sure you are sitting up straight and that your knees are LOWER than your hips. At home: Think, leaning forward. Try reading or watching T.V. on your knees (perhaps kneeling on a pillow) and leaning over a bean bag, cushions or an exercise ball. Lying down: Think leaning forward again. Lie on your left side, with your right leg leaning forwards over your left leg so your tummy is touching the mattress.
happyfeet Posts: 1316
WOW! Never knew this - i just flop down and feet up and lye on the sofa! :o0 :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
oooops, new reclining sofa arriving tomorrow hehe
missc Posts: 875
well i know i dont have the energy for anything in the evenings apart from lounging back on sofa :o0 I do try to walk at lunchtime but it gets very hard at this stage. If you could go for a little walk in the eve im sure it would help, gravity and all that, but if you have an office job (like me) you will be sitting on an uncomftable chair all day so the sofa is definatley staying :o0 :o0
silíní Posts: 4219
My yoga teacher also advised us to sit bolt upright, but mainly to avoid back pain etc... So i still sit on the sofa, i just put two cushions behind my back so i'm sitting straighter instead of lying back into it..... You can do little things like this, but as for sitting in a hard chair... arrggg i think it's too much to expect! Leaning over the exercise ball sounds comfy though..... I also got a back support to use in the car to keep my back straight... that might be an idea.