Infection but no symptoms *TMI*

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micksmrs Posts: 931
I had a hospital appt yesterday and in my urine sample they found some bacteria. The Midwife said it was probably nothing but when I was seen by one the consultants team a swab was done and sent to the lab. I will have the results next week. I am very surprised that they found anything as apart from some extra CM I don't have symptoms that I have an infection (I have never had one before). Now I was told not to worry that it's a part of pregnancy and it happens but I am just wondering has it happened to anyone else. I was told that if there is an infection - of which I am now convinced there is - that a course of antibiotics will clear it up and that it can't harm the baby and the baby is perfectly healthy. It still makes me worried though that I had this and did not know about it, I just thought the extra discharge was part of pregnancy and the more frequent trips to the loo were the same.
RJR Posts: 962
Mickmrs did they say if it was strepB? It's very common, around 60% of women have it at any given time and you don't get symptoms. If this is what it is you'll just get antibiotics during labour. I had it in my first pregnancy, it worried me at first but then I thought if it's so common it's best to know and you can get the antibiotics.
micksmrs Posts: 931
No they said it was some kind of bacteria in the urine, I cant remember the name of it and if it is positive that I will be treated straight away.
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I had the same on my 20 week visit to the doctor and no symptoms. She said it's very common and I took the course of antibiotics. At my 25 week visit to the midwives she said not drinking enough water can cause it (I was really bad about water earlier in my pregnancy as it made me sick) and to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice to keep them at bay. Don't worry about not recognising it yourself - that's what these visits are for!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I had suspected cystitis, there was some indication in the urine when the midwife did the dip-stick test. But when the sample went to the lab they said I didn't need antibiotics. The midwife explained that there are lots of times that the dipstick shows up bacteria that does not need treatement. So maybe wait until the final results come in and then they'll explain more. Best of luck
silíní Posts: 4219
I had several UTI's last time and nearly every time i had no symptoms. I had one already this time too and ditto. I have read up on it and the pain when passing urine that is usually present with UTI's is often not there when you are pregnant as the muscles are more relaxed. Its good they caught it anyway.
StarryEyes Posts: 18
I have twice had "contaminated" samples which they have called me back to retest for suspected UTI. For me, they came back clear when I was retested. It must just have been discharge which got in the sample. Hope it comes back clear for you!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Girls thanks very much for your responses. I just got a bit of a hop to discover there was something wrong when I had no symptoms. I will go back Monday and see what they say. Whatever it is or isn't at least it will be cleared up. Thanks again, I am glad I am not the only one this happened to.