Insomnia at 5 weeks

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colisaunt Posts: 202
Hi girls, Here I am, awake since 445. Went to sleep at 130. O:| O:| This is my 3rd pregnancy - the first 2 were misses (at 10.5 and 5.5 weeks). Had insomnia with those pregnancies too. I'm in the kitchen now watching TV, had been tossing & turning for so long I was keeping oh awake too so I just got up & had a bowl of cereal. My mind is just racing. I'm constantly worrying that ill have another miss. Besides the insomnia I have no other symptoms really which is another worry. Have an early scan the end of January so hope that'll set my mind at ease some bit. Anyone else not able to sleep? I'm back to work Monday, ill be wrecked!! No cures I guess?
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
[b:25q303cn]colisaunt[/b:25q303cn], I had insomnia on my first pregnancy (started around 5 weeks too) and I would be awake from about 2-5 every morning without fail. You could nearly set alarm clock by me! It didn't subside I am afraid to say and it has started up again. Take it as a positive symptom (I've had two miscarriages aswell). I am also in for an early scan on this baba on 15th January.
sophiemae Posts: 109
Sorry to hear about your losses. Please God things will go.well this time. Gentlebirth do an early pregnancy hypnosis track and some for fear release. It might help calm your racing mind a bit and even if you still didn't sleep, it might still be of benefit in dealing with the worry. All the best :)
hopeful lady Posts: 280
Hi colis, had insomnia from day I found out til about 6 weeks. My mind would be racing with ridiculous things from about 2-5am. Still have odd night but think Christmas has knocked my routine and sleeping too much during day. Hope it stops for you soon. There are some relaxing music apps you can download for phone too they Work sometimes for me
Spottytie Posts: 155
I am a long term sufferer of insomnia and was on tablets which had to stop taking since pregnant. I have been advised to have tv, laptop, mobile and lights switched of for at least half hour before bed and i always have notepad beside bed so if worrying about something need to do i write it down so don't stay awake fretting about it. Also recently was recommended hot milk and honey, hate milk but have found this helps, always worth a try