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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi girls - wel i am into final trimester and am so loooking forward to having little one - went last week and got the 4d scan in Dublin and have to say it was pretty amazing - baby was sleeping at beginning but hafter some nudging and coughing from me the little one started moving - the lady in the clinic was so nice - we seen baby yawning, rubbing eyes and even scowling at one stage when we were nudging him/her....she asked us did we want to find out the sex but we said no - though hubby still convinced itis a boy and loads of people have said a boy to me - I am trying not to have that in my head in case it is a little girl and shock the life outta myself :eek :eek :eek Got a dvd and photos of babs which is just class and have watched the dvd bout 5 times over weekend . Am not feeling too bad considering but do get some severe pain in my belly when trying to move too quickly in bed - still not sleeping great but am used to it now....How are all other sept mums getting on? still havent really put much more weight on according to the scales - about 11-12lbs so far which is great as am overweight anyhow and nurse said to monitor it so i dont - i must be doing something right anyhow!!! :wv
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hiya! I'm getting 3d scan done in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Whats a 4d scan? Are you at the waddling stage yet? Some days I am, I think it depends what way baby is lying. I get very breathless. I park car during work up this hill, and it takes me 10 mins longer than usual to get there, I get so out of breath! I can only eat little and often too, no massive meals for me! Bending down is nearly impossible now. If I drop something , someone else has to pick it up for me :o0 Best of luck!
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi to be honest my sis was asking me what the difference is - if you go on to this site it will show you the 4d scan pics of babies.... As for waddling - sometimes i think i am and others i am not too bad - have to admit it is awkward putting on boots now and some days feel bigger than others - am having a neat day today....I dont walk to far as get out of breath easily!! :-8 Meals are better small though hubby gives out to me for not finishing dinner - I tell him to try having a little one pushing stomach one way and bladder the other and come bck to me!!suffer from terrible heartburn from the beginning and have had no let up with it....drinking gaviscon by the bucketful!!!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
It must be lovely to be that far on. I can't wait till i start getting bigger - I just feel fat and bloated at the minute, but I'm really struggling with eating too - I can only eat little and often already. I think this is the one thing that will give me away to my family, cos I never finish my dinner at the minute and they're used to me eating all round me!!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Thanks, that website is where I'm going, so i guess its a 4D scan I having too! I really don't want to know sex so I hope they'll "skim" over that area quickly! Elliecat, I have to agree with you, that while the bump can be awkward and uncomfy at times, at least you can let it all hang out and there is no doubt about the pregnancy - I hated the "looking fat "stage too.
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
She will ask you if you want to know the sex - we said no so she concentrated on babs face but showed us a foot and leg at one is amazing - enjoy!!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hey Mrs Maternal!!!!!!!! Welcome to the last trimester!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to be just over 8wks away from b-day!!! I am dreading labour but cant wait to meet my little son or daughter!!!! Hope all is going well for you, the scan sounds fantastic!!!!! Hope you keep well during your last stage!!!!!! Take Care Lucy
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi mrs maternal, Great to hear about your scan. Its a great feeling finally being in the 3rd trimester. I'm really starting to feel like a beached whale though. When people ask when i'm due and i say Sept the reaction is jesus what size will you be by then. it's all bump though and as i'm 5 10 and hubbbie is 6, 2 there is no chance of us having a small baby!! I'm sleeping fine but find it difficult getting comfortable at first.Driving is getting difficult for me as i have dreadful rib and upper back pain but nobody else i have asked seems to have experienced this. I still have a good bit of energy since starting pregnacare 2 weeks ago hopefully it will last a bit longer.
madmam Posts: 1294
Me too, me too! Having the scan done, I mean. I was warned about these scans though - has anyone else had someone try to warn them off them? I was told these scans use higher levels of ultrasound, and they could be dangerous....blah blah blah.....I don't know who to believe! We will prob get it done anyway, and I don't want to scare anyone. I booked with the Innervision in Castlebar for 10 days time. Hey, is anyone else getting Braxton Hicks? They are wierd, man! I sometimes hav to stop walking for it to pass. My tummy gets so hard - tis freaky! :eek
Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls those 4D scans look pretty amazing!! You can really see the face so clearly! Unreal! The very best of luck to all you girls going for these scans over the next couple of weeks. Would love to know how ye get on.