Invite an estranged friend?

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oona Posts: 209
Would really value any advice on this. I have known this girl since i was five and we have been best friends since. In school there was always the three of us, absoutely insepperable-the best of friends. We all drifted a bit going to college, but myself and the other girl are really close again and she is my CBM now. So this girl - the estranged one, has ignored texts and doesnt want to meet up anymore. This may seem obvious that she doesnt want to be friends but a mutual friend has said that she misses us. She has really no friends of her own so i dont understand how she can be so stubborn. i texted her after i got engaged just to say hi, no mention of my news. Then our mutual friend told her and she texed congratulations, no further texts even after i relpy, nothing.We have had no falling out or anything... My dilemma is should i take the hint and move on, her loss, she hasnt been a part of my life for 2 years now? Or do i invite her, be the bigger person and give her a chance? What if she comes to the wedding? Dont know how i would feel Sorry for the long post. :thnk Funny thing is that i always imagined that my two best friends would be my bridesmaids
ozypozy Posts: 2950
This happened to me as well after secondary school. I went to do a one year course and one of my best friends went to a degree. the third one also went to do a degree but completely cut us off - we werent good enough anymore. its been 4 years since i heard from her so i won't be inviting her to my wedding!
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
It's a tough one but if you think you'd be bothered by not having invited her in the future, maybe you should be the bigger person now and extend that invite. If, like you said you were told, she does miss you maybe this is the gesture she needs from you to swallow her pride and be your friend again. I know you shouldn't have to make another move towards her, but it sounds like she's not going to do it on her own. Then, if she doesn't go, you know that it's not much of a loss and you did all you could to make the most of the friendship. HTH! :wv
Little Miss Naughty Posts: 1046
It's 7 months to your wedding. You've given her enough chances already. I'd try organise to meet for a coffee, see if she's on for it (one last time). If she's not, don't bother, if she is and it all goes well then think about inviting her.
lil-star Posts: 3149
god i thought i was that person!!! veryyyy similar situation happened to me, move on, people change dont you be the one running around doing all the work
Betsy May Posts: 2168
It's a shame to lose an old friend - I agree with Angel09, give her one more shot with a coffee invitation.
lil-star Posts: 3149
it is an awful shame to lose an old friend but if shes not writing back its for a reason...... trust me i know
miamia Posts: 673
I agree with Angel 09 too, one more chance!! M x
shorty 08 Posts: 358
Agree with one more chance option!
fantac Posts: 4109
i'd invite her - she can always say no and at least you'll have been the bigger person.