Is anyone else feeling so sick??

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BumpityBump Posts: 80
Im just feeling so sorry for myself today! I feel so ill and so so tired i can barely function, im sitting in work like a zombie!! Please tell me when it gets better?
funkyfish Posts: 7626
hey chicken i'm almost 15 weeks and feeling better! hang in there it's a good sign that all is going well.
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
Ah your poor pet. You will start to feel better soon I promise :xxx
BumpityBump Posts: 80
Oh thanks girls!! I feel terrible moaning but oh my god i have never felt this bad in my life! Hoping it clears up soon, getting married in two weeks and really hoping im not running up the aisle to the loo!! haha
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
Hope you have fantastic day hun :o)ll :o)ll Eat dry brown toast and crackers that morning they always did the trick for me :wv
yummum2010 Posts: 407
I feel so sorry for you . I suffered terribly with MS and just hated each day and went to bed early every night just so I would be asleep and not feel so crap. It stopped at week 14 for me but everyone is different. Hang in there. Try dry toast and eat little and often :wv