Is green or white tea safe to drink when you are pregnant?

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Peaches78 Posts: 768
Hi Girls, do any of you know if green or white tea are safe to drink when preggers? I dont drink ordinary tea at all, just green or white tea... Ive been googling but there are so many different opinions....
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Green tea is out as far as I know. I'm not sure about white tea but you are supposed to cut back on caffeine so even black tea should be consumed in moderation. How about drinking red bush tea or peppermint tea?
Dr of love Posts: 425
Both are fine, probably 6-7 cups is the max you should have but why don't you do a search for mg of caffeine in both and then work out how many cups are considered safe as per the caffeine intake guidelines. I can promise you that if you are talking about 2 cups a day it is no problem.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I can't remember where I read not to drink green tea so apologies for scare mongering. But a quick google there shows that green tea inhibits the body's uptake of folic acid.
Makka Pakka Posts: 620
Green Tea is way higher in caffiene than normal tea. You can buy non caffiene in the Health Store. :lvs I had to give it up :weep
The Blue Sylph Posts: 397
Green tea is a big no-no as it is too strong and has a lot of caffeine. White tea has way less caffeine and still has the healthy anti-oxidants etc so it's ok as long as you don't get too much caffeine from other sources. I used to drink loads of white tea every day (and one cappuccino every morning), so when I became pregnant I checked with the tea shop and they said white tea has the least amount of caffeine - less than normal tea. Interestingly, they told me that caffeine is produced by the tea plant as an insect repellent, so white tea leaves are picked when they are very young and therefore have less caffeine. I was still drinking a few cups a day of the white tea and I switched to decaf coffee. Now I've developed a taste for regular tea (especially after getting it in the hospital with every meal for 3 days!!) so I am drinking loads of decaf regular tea! But I'm breastfeeding so I've tried to cut out caffeine where possible - so that means I'm not drinking white tea at the moment either, although I still love the taste.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I gave up green tea for the first twelve weeks on both my dd's as I had heard it can inhibit folic acid uptake.... Drank a cup after that. Also drank mint tea etc
Dr of love Posts: 425
Didnt know it inhibits folic acid uptake. I know its high in caffine and you need to watch that you dont go over the limit on that in the first trimester. Its funny, I lived in Japan for nearly 10 yrs and pregnant women drank green tea, ate sushi and raw eggs! (They would cut down on tuna and avoid swordfish though). There are so many rules that are probably a bit over the top. The eggs and sushi one is fair enough here in the West maybe as food prep and storage practices can be dodgy when they are never in Japan. I'm in second trimester and I feel so much less worried about these things now. I dont think its just the psychological thing of getting past 12 weeks, my pregnancy just physically feels more safe and established when it felt delicate and I strongly felt the need to protect it in the first. I'm drinking tap water again, not so worried about slightly runny yolks in eggs, eating parma ham, not scrubbing my apples so viciously etc.
Peaches78 Posts: 768
Thanks girls, I tried looking up the caffeine content in the white tea I have at home but it does not give it. I think I'll just go on peppermint tea so to be on the safe side. Thanks for all your replys xxx
lush11 Posts: 2877
[quote="Silini2":3frj4vr7]I gave up green tea for the first twelve weeks on both my dd's as I had heard it can inhibit folic acid uptake.... Drank a cup after that. Also drank mint tea etc[/quote:3frj4vr7] Yep, It inhibits frolic acid! I didnt drink it for the whole pregnancy. It's a big no no.