is it possible to loose 3 stone in 4 months

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Distressed Bride Posts: 56
Hiya, Any tips for dropping this kind of weight in four months hoping to get married this December!!! Can't afford to join gym have started cycling to work though.......
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
thats crazy about of weight to try and lose but if you really want to i would say come of the pill if you are on it and clean ou your house of all fatty food and eat only fruit and fish ... I hav to lose 2 stone in a year !!!! its really hard to stay on a diet but try the Gillian Mc keith diet ( you are what you eat ) I lost 2 stone last year on it !!!! but its very strict . sorry not much help but cycling is brilliant .. good luck .
ems09 Posts: 318
I have heard other wollies talking about LIPOTRIM on here and CELEBRITY SLIM and you lose quite alot of weight but they can be very harmful to you and I would not recommend them. But honestly I was just like you a few months ago and was kicking myself every week when I hadnt lost loads of weight but I went to have my dress fiting on Wed and I honestly looked like I was much slimmer cause they can be so supportive and reall PULL U IN I was so happy for the first time ever I felt so good in my dress :o)ll
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
I lost a stone and 2 pounds in six weeks using the 'Cook yourself thin' book (the pink one with simple recipes). The food is really tasty so it doesn't feel like a diet at all. Also went to gym 3-4 times a week for one hour. Nearly died the first few times on the treadmill but was worth it!! :o)ll
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi there it is do-able. a few girls in my weight watchers have lost between 3 and 4 stone in 3 to 4 months. they stuck to the plan religiously and exercised every day for an hour. ita going to be very hard and you will need a lot of determination and will power.....but you you can do it ..... good luck with the weight loss and keep us posted on how well you are doing.
jenr Posts: 313
of course you can do it, dont mind the faddy diets, if your determined and able to get out walking everyday it will fall off, I know sounds so simple but we all know doing it is the hard part but if you have the push of the wedding you can do it, my advice being a weight watcher would be to buy a pedometer and set yourself a goal everyday of steps to take. when i bought mine i found getting to the 10,000 i had to go abit extra everyday and had the push myself to "get to 10,000" if i have a lazy sunday and not near 10,000 i get on my mini trampoline and jog at least 2,000 to feel better about it! I really found that I had to reach the target and it made me very aware of how active or inactive i was! anyway on hols i was eating and drinking crap but walking over 20,000 steps, got back and had lost 6lb!
Distressed Bride Posts: 56
Thanks i will definitely keep you updated will keep me motivated to get it down!!! Think i wll join weight watchers this week
dancingqueen Posts: 491
Weight Watchers is great!!!!!
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
i have to join again
wedinmay Posts: 106
I don't think it is possible to lose that much weight in that short time. I joined the gym a couple of weeks ago (as i need to lose 2 stone) and i had an appointment with a personal trainer this morning and he said that if i was religious with my diet and exercise plan he is going to come up for me, that it would take me 8 weeks to lose 16 pounds (1 stone, 2 pounds), which would get me to a 22% BMI (right now i am 33% BMI)... I know we all want to look good for our wedding day but there is no point killing taking risks with you health to do so.