is it too soon to reserve?!!

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Daisy Doo Posts: 1091
wer planning on an early 2010 wedding.although getin very it too soon to reserve the hotel? :wv
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Id say go organise it hotels get booked very quick :wv
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Definitely not, you'll have loads of choice at this stage, and when you do book, see if you can get a good deal on rates for booking so far in advance.
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
Def book, the more you get done, the better! I'd say you could have your pick of hotels at this stage! Good luck! :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Nope. hotels book up super fast so the earlier you book the better choice you will have. I know people who booked in 2005 for 2009 and there was no problem. *)
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
Definitely go for it, as Elliecat said you could get a deal on booking so far in advance
Daisy Doo Posts: 1091
thanks a million 4 all the replies!!tink il steam ahead!!al xcited!! :o)ll
lcarrick Posts: 1639
hey i'm planning for june 2010!! i'm looking at a few places at the min, and i'm going to book straight after xmas!!! quick question.... i'm going to new york in dec 07 and i'm thinking of having a look at a few dresses over there, do you think it would be too early if i bought one this year ?? i know styles and things change but i'm just looking for something plain enough??
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Definately not too early to book the hotel carol2007. I booked mine at the beginning of january this year and my wedding is not until june 09.. I thought i was being too organised back then and the hotel manager told me 'not at all' - they had already taken more than 20 bookings for 2010. Good luck ! :wv Lcarrick - it mite be a little early to buy one now just incase you change your mind, but there is nothing to stop you looking
Dee71 Posts: 412
it is never too early to book a hotel