Is this enough of a temp rise

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sally Posts: 1140
Hi... got my pos OPK yesterday and this morning my temp is up by 0.2.... is that enough to call it a temp rise. Last month I ovulated same day as pos OPK. Do you have to wait three days to see a sustained temp rise to know you have ovulated. Dont know if we can physically have any more baby dancing... im wrecked... would prefer a nice cup of tea. :o0 :o0
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Sally You need three consecutive days to confirm. I would bd tonight just to be sure as you are supposed to do the day of the temp rise too as egg can last 12 hours... Go on you can do it one more time! :o)ll
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I was the same Sally - should have done BD last night but just didn't have the energy after 8 nights in a row - God love him. Had a .2 temp rise for 2nd morning now but like you I don't know if it is enough. Normally I would have a much bigger difference
Mrs D Posts: 36
same here, had positive opk on sunday and 0.2 temp rise monday. When you get fed up with the Bd its hard and then a couple of days later you are annoyed with yourself for maybe wasting another month. Best to BD just in case
sally Posts: 1140
Ok so.... ill gird my loins (dont really know what that involves but ill do it anyway).... ive pretty much pulled out all the stops this week so am running out of ideas. Thanks for all the encouragement O-O