Joolz (Day) V Uppababy Vista

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OOB Posts: 639
Hi girls, I know another buggy/travel system question but what are you thoughts on either the Joolz (Day or normal Joolz) or Uppababy Vista?? I haven't see much about the Joolz but love the look of it especially the Joolz Day. I know with both of these car seats are extra (I think) so trying to compare like with like. The maxi cosi car seats fit the Joolz and I'm assume would fit the uppababy too. What I like about the uppababy is the large shopping basket. Do you girls with the uppababy use the shopping basket? Thanks
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Yes the shopping basket on uppababy is dead handy. Maxi cosi cabriofix and pebble compatible with uppababy and the adapters are included with the chassis. A friend has the joolz but we haven't compared or swapped notes. The joolz to me looks more dainty/ladylike. I know that sounds weird but just what I think! Uppababy seems sturdier to me. Love ours so far.