Just back from dress fitting, so disappointed

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BarbadosBride Posts: 448
Just back from dress fitting, I feel like crying. Was nervous enough going in anticipating would I like/fit the dress still, you know the way. Anyway got undressed and assistant unzipped the dress bag and her first words were...Oh my God look how crumpled the dress is. The front of the dress was like it had been rolled in a ball and was really crumpled right up the whole front of the dress. The back wasnt too bad. She then said that all dresses come in a bit creased but not usually like this. I was on my own as no one could come in with me today and there were three assistants in the shop and assured me that it was fine it will be steamed and professionally pressed and it will be perfect. I was nervous about the fitting and for once was quite speechless. Suppose on a good note it fitted perfectly and just has to be taken up an inch. Then they gave me my headress and it is the wrong one, they will order the right one in again and have it in two weeks. Just feel really on a downer, didnt expect the dress to look like a secondhand dress,!
mrskelly Posts: 203
Oh you poor thing ... please don't get stressed out about it. Your dress will look like new when it is steamed. They really should have checked that before you went in though. I went for my first fitting on saturday and they had my dress already pressed, but the girl was complaining that someone must have put it back in bag wrong as there were a few creases on it. It really will be fine and I bet the headdress was just the final straw. When have you to go back in? It will really be different the next time around and if you look at it in the grand scheme of things at least its now and it can be sorted in plenty of time. You will look like a princess by the time the wedding comes round :xxs
redchick Posts: 140
Ah you poor thing, you probably had yourself really hyped up going in and sometimes when stuff doesn't live up to what you've dreamed it can be an anitclimax. Don't worry bout the creases - you can try it on again after they've steamed it. And as you said it fits perfectly. It's better for stuff to go wrong now than on the day. Bet ya next time you see it it'll be just perfect. Congrats on having your first fitting - I'm sure the next one will be miles better.
rash2405 Posts: 292
Sorry to hear about what happened, I'm going for my first fittin tonight so I hope its ok cause i don't have much time left for something to go wrong. I ordered it in October and it only came in
bumble Posts: 1980
Don't worry they will press it perfectly...they always press the dresses just before you collect them. It must've been packed into a smaller box or something. It's very disappointing as you prob feel they took the steam out of your engine a bit! It's so exciting to go for the fitting so it's very deflating if it isn't what you expected. They prob hadn't looked at it before you arrived. But rest assured it'll be gorgeous and perfect when you pick it up.
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Ah, don't let that put you off Kelly32, the next time you go back the dress will have been pressed and will look completely different. You know yourself when clothes are wrinkled they don't look nearly as good as they do pressed so don't worry about it. The headdress being wrong can't have helped matters! At least the dress is a perfect fit and the next time you go you'll look perfect. :thnk
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
Thanks girls hopefully all will be well next fitting.
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
My dress was really creased for my fittings, as it had to be taken up etc - there was no point pressing it, and then having to re-do it again before I collected it. It looked stunning when I picked it up though - so don't worry! It'll be fab!