Just checking this is normal?!(TMI)

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Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Hi Everyone! Im almost sure that this is normal but just wanted to double check - Im 24wks at the moment and for the last two weeks I have been getting achy pains down south, at times its just an ache and at other times its darting pains that make me stop walking. Again Im almost sure this is normal but just wanted to check?!! Call me paranoid! Thanks!!
babyd2bnumber2 Posts: 351
Hi, I'm getting some similar pains and I'm 26 weeks, I've been advised that they are normally - your uterus expanding as well as ligaments stretching, as long as the pains aren't unbearable then I think it's fine, especially if they've been going on for 2 week ... Saying that, I call my mid wife quite a lot and think that if you're ever worrying enough to stress you it's better to call than not for re-assurance ... Good luck and hope it gets better, oh and relax with your feet up as much as you can! x
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
I had these on DS, some of them were indeed very sore but i never done anything about it as it is prob just stretching in prep for birth, my got soarer towards the end Perhaps mention it to doc if you are worried at next anti natal
Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Hi Ladies Thansk for the replies, yep I think I'll just say it to doc just to be 100% sure, not overly concerned about it but best to mention it i guess! Thanks Again