Just got BFP - what to do about work?

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irregular choice Posts: 8
Hi everyone, so I've been lurking since my BFP and decided to bite the bullet and join in :wv The story is I work in front line emergency services and I don't want to tell anyone my news until 12 weeks (thought I'd be mad to tell everyone but loving having a little secret!!) I've only got BFP so 12 weeks will be mid Jan which is after the busiest time of the year. I know direct supervisors etc can't legally spill their beans but mine wont be able to help himself and they whole place will cop.(btw he is a dote but don't trust him not to let it slip) Last year we had an incident and while it cant be proven work caused her mc, my colleague had a scan on a thurs all was wel,l incident at work fr,i and then mc. So now I have myself in a state O:| . Once we tell at work we are pregnant we are off frontline but it's a relatively small place and I know everyone will sus straight away. Would really love any thoughts/advice ye might have. Oh and hi to everyone :)
mrspatpat Posts: 380
heya, big congratulations!!!! :o)ll thats a really hard one, I work in a similar job. I told my employers at 12 weeks.( though I know of some people who by choice didn't tell work and stayed on the road...) It's one of those things, as soon as you tell them they are required to do a risk assessment. If you are taken off the front line (which they will do) people will guess..... I decided to wait and see how I was getting on. Some people fly through the first trimester.....I was being optimestic :-8 . I thought that if I needed to, I could tell them earlier. I had a lot of all day nausea and tiredness and I was quite green in work and if anyone noticed I blamed it on a dodgy tummy or motion sickness ect. I was kinda lucky the way my rotation worked though, because I was in a really quiet base for a few weeks up until 12 weeks. I did come close to going off sick though. the GP said he could sign me off sick and not mention on the cert that it was pregnancy related. I was due to have my contract renewed and was a bit nervous of telling them before I got my permanant contract too. So that could be an option either if you are finding it too rough. Most gp's are fairly good and you could talk it out with them. when it comes down to it, you have to do whats best for you and baby. you will be the best judge of what kinda calls you respond to in your area and what you are physically able for. Give me a pm if you want to natter
Onyx Posts: 45
irregular choice Posts: 8
Thanks a million ladies, was chatting to DH about it and obviously he was aware of what happened to my colleague last year. He reckons discreetly say it to supervisor and claim back injury (I'm quiet fit and have had to remain indoors on previous occasions due to the odd injury!) to everyone else and ask him to say the same. it's a pretty male dominated environment and there have been no other recent babs (except the boys wives and some of the clerical ladies) so I don't have any reference points. We swop round quiet a bit so I think I'll get away a while inside before they notice. Plus the all day nausea is making an appearance so don't think I could deal with motion sickness on top of it!!!! TBH I really don't want to go sick unless I can't cope with the ms, will hopefully come off nights in early Jan too. Thanks again ladies I'm so excited and really appreciate the time ye took to reply :) oh just found the blue light smiley, def appropiate for me!!! :action28
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Hey, i too work in frontline emergency services and a lot of our duties are very dangerous. I have a toddler and when i was pregnant that time I told supervisor at 10 weeks. I had planned on telling him at 8 weeks but he just wasnt around too tell. We are ttc at the moment and i had a very early mc a month or so ago. If things happen for us this month i'll probably be ok until the new year to tell cos babs is so well protected in there but i am hoping that my doc will sign me off sick for 2 weeks or so when i am 6 weeks just to bring me up to the 8 week mark.