kids at weddings

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50sbride Posts: 29
hi getting married in march next year and my little fella will be just over 1 years old, dont know what to do if i should bring him to the whole thing or just the church and photos.... O:| very hard to decide, wouldnt want to be worrying all it better to get a minder and have him out of the picture for the day??? has anybody had to deal with a similar situation and what did you do.....
Jawl Posts: 8881
I guess it depends, do you want your little one to be there on the day with you? I was at two weddings last year, both brides had daughters just over 2 years old. And they ended up tired and crying and being passed from Nanna to Grandad to Aunt Mary to Uncle Pete etc. etc. Maybe you could have him for mass, photos and the meal, and then arrange to have him minded for the night?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
When my brother got married their lo was just over a year old and at a VERY clingy/tempermental stage. They got a childminder to collect her after the church once they had taken all the photos. They just wouldnt have been able to relax for the rest of the day.
50sbride Posts: 29
thanks for that ladies, yep just as i suspected, obviously would love to have him there but lke that id say hed be passed from billy to jack all day and i would be getting stressed out, ill see how he is for the church but even that might be pushing it, can just see him hanging out of my dress and shoutin all over the place, ill prob feel guilty not including him but then again he wont know what hes missing :) thanks again for the replys *)
NCBride Posts: 45
We were at a friends wedding recently and she had 2 kids, little older than yours. She asked if we'd mind them during the photos etc and we said no problem. We landed up having to take the littlest one out of the church as she was getting very restless and the bride and groom were a little distracted trying to make sure she was ok! Might be an idea to designate a friend who can distract your little one while ye get through the important stuff! And if it was me (dont have any of my own at the moment!) I'd probably feel a bit more relaxed if I knew someone was taking care of them for the rest of the day.
Cowhands Posts: 564
Yeah I have to agree..My daughter is 2.5 yrs old and she is a WILDFIRE! The kid cant stay still for 2 mass she keeps asking who the man is - the priest and wants to blow out all the church candles and sing happy birthday! So I have 2 cousins incharge of her all day.. Ive booked and paid for their room for the nights and will give them little presents aswell...seriously delighted they agreed cause I just wouldnt be able to rest or relax knowing I had to constantly keep an eye on DD all day..Ill bring her up to bed at 8 - 9 and settle her down and the girls are happy to stay with her till the next morning so Im delighted...I was seriously worried what we would do with DD its better to have a plan put in place early on and get it out of your mind!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
My cousin got married last year, and they had the christening an wedding ceremony together. They then had a babysitter take their son after the church part so they could get photos etc done, and I think the babysitter had him for the day, but I can't remember if he was at the hotel at all or not. I think for them it was a good idea as they wouldn't have been able to get around to see people or have photos taken etc, but then different things will be suitable for different people!