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LaSparkle Posts: 428
Hi Wollies, I was wondering if anyone had some feedback on weddings in The Europe Hotel in Killarney? There is very little info on the website. Also, if anyone has some suggestion for venues in the Killarney area....preferably with great scenery. Thanks all!! :wv
blissfullywed Posts: 356
Havent been to a wedding there but OMG what a venue, i think its the most amazing hotel, the entrance, the drive, the reception, the view out back - noplace in killarney could possibly compare to it.
hilsbils Posts: 21
Hi there, The Europe is a fantastic location and a fantastic hotel I had considered it briefly when we got engaged, but learnt pretty quickly that it wouldnt work out because.. The Europe is a sister hotel of the Hotel Dunloe (nice but very 80's, needs a facelift too!) and the Europe will only consider doing wedding out of season when the Dunloe is not holding weddings.. Also it was difficult to get this info (a lot of phone calls and waiting for replies) and they more or less said that because they do not hold weddings often it can be even more costly there.. Hope this helps and if it works out for you congrats and have a great wedding!
Leftbank Posts: 2395
We're getting married Muckross Park, have you looked at it? Its fab love love love it..
abouttimebride Posts: 368
The Europe is a fantastic hotel and ideal location. But the prices were too high for me. Only for those with lots of cash. I got them a while ago from them. I dont think they want lots of weddings there. The Aghadoe Heights has lovely views and is lovely inside it. Maybe try there. They were quite expensive I think also but not as high as the Europe.
islandlil Posts: 1059
Hotel europe is fab-absolutely amazing food and views and decor as well as fab spa and outdoor heated infinity pool!-Bar the bedrooms which while great standard have horrible bedspreads, carpet and pictures on the wall!) Yes, they don't do summer weddings as Hotel Dunloe castle does them during summer-great quality hotel too but quite expensive, bit far out and not crazy on the decor for me. I believe aghadoe heights is fab but really expensive though. I am getting married in the Malton, hotel beside the train station, and the food is top notch there though function room has no windows! But i really like the decor, and the staff and really enjoyed a wedding i attended there last year. The brehon is another really nice killarney hotel, though they don't do corkage. The muckross park is fab but wasn't sure about a few things and found the wedding planner useless for getting back but it was our second choice. Basically Killarney has a hotel to suit any budget-good luck O:o)
carolinep34 Posts: 129
I'm getting married in the Killarney Avenue Hotel and they have a good deal at the moment. It's very centrally located if you have guests who wish to stay over night. The choice's of hotels in killarney are good. The Hotel Europe is a lovely hotel as well but like other posters have said they don't really do weddings only when the Dunloe Castle is closed. The muckross park is lovely as well but I requested a brochure and never received anything and also rang asking to view the location and didn't hear back from them either.