Kinnitty Castle Brides?

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Barry10 Posts: 25
Hi is there any fellow Kinnitty Castle bride out there? I am not from the area so I am looking for advice on florists, hair, make up etc. If anybody has any information I'd really appreciate it! Thanks a million :)
jollly Posts: 12
hey i'm a kinnitty bride too, haven't done much planning yet but i have booked hair and make-up. i booked margaret o connor and trish dolan from kildare but i have the number of a hairdresser from Birr pm me if you want her details. winter wedding will be fab in kinnitty you must be so excited :o)ll
Thumper2010 Posts: 579
Hey there, Flowers Betty Higgins Kinnitty 0872817806 Hair - Hair by Raina 087 954 3183 Make up - Pamela Matthews 0876423562 Neither Hair or Make up are local, but they will travel. I've had trials with both and highly recommend them. Betty's flower prices are fab too, she does the floweres in the hotel, so I'm thinking they'll all fit in together nicely. Let me know if you need anything else.
Foncey Posts: 1
Hello Ladies. Well, I can’t contain myself - we’ve booked Kinnitty Castle for 2013. Yay! I’m delighted with the choice! Now onto the serious planning. We’re currently living abroad and are coming home to get married. We want to get married in St. Flannan’s in Kinnity Village, but it’s not our parish. The priest was more than happy to agree to the Church booking, but he wasn’t very comitial on if he’d be able to do the service. Has anyone else experienced similar? I’m wondering if he just needs to keep his options open in case a parish issue arises on that date. He led me to believe that if he couldn’t do it, he’d find another nearby priest who could, so perhaps I’m worried about nothing. Should I be hearing alarm bells!?!?! I guess priest aren’t like other bookings – i.e. getting it all in writing and putting down deposits. I wish it were though!! LOL
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
You could look at clareen church either. Its the next parish to kinnity and they have a lot of kinnity weddings there. Its a very pretty church with a lovely walk up to it on a curved slope. I've been to a few events there as extended family live locally. Its great for photos and the drive from it to kinnity castle is beautiful. It reminds me actually i was at a christening there and the afters was in kinnity castle. I wasn't driving and coming out with all the photos my lift managed to think i was already gone and headed off to kinnity without me. Everyone was gone/cars full by the time i realised my lift was gone. A local family passing stopped to ask if i was ok and i told them i was waiting on my lift to come back, they just said to hop in and they'd drive me to the castle themselves, which they did and were friendly. Told me if i was stuck layter to give them a call and they'd come back for me and drop me off in brirr and all-but then i forgot to get the number!!! :o0
twentysomething Posts: 114
I'm a Kinnitty Bride! Love the place, can't wait for our wedding there!