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nessie Posts: 340
Hey there Just wondering if there is any shops that you can see ladybird stuff for sale. Seen some lovely stuff online with littlewoods but wouldnt be happy about buyin online before i have seen it in reality. Thanks
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I think the stores closed I remember about a yr or so ago they'd massive sales cause they were closing but I stand to be corrected.
nessie Posts: 340
Thanks for that, was thinking that myself but then seen cots and stuff on littlewoods website for sale and was wondering if i could see them in real first. You cant really judge quality by website. Found that out when i went to toyrus O:|
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
its so hard to see quality by websites, i found that with clothes online aswell. You can always return stuff to littlewoods, well i know with clothes you can so perhaps its the same with the nursery furniture, check it out and check if you can return items by post! you could also check if they still have stores up north??
nessie Posts: 340
cool thanks for the tip will try it out
Littlepud Posts: 945
all the stores in the republic closed last year or the year before but as far as i know Woolworths still stock Ladybird. i'm not sure if there's any woolworths up north but if there is then they might have what you're looking for
Marpat Posts: 1784
i got a lot of ladybird stuff for my ds last year online through littlewoods. Good Quality. nice and they did a big pack of vests babygros and bibs which if i remember correctly was very good value!