(Large )8/9 size shoes-shops that have very little stock...

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shiraz Posts: 770
>:o( >:o( >:o( All my life ive had severe difficulty in finding a size 8 or nine boot,shoe,sandal or any type of footwear for that matter in this size.Im 5"11 for gods sake,surely there are plenty of tall women in the world so why do I get the funny looks from shop assistants saying"Size 8/9?""Sorry we only do a limited number of "those" sizes"Like WTF >:o( Maybe I should post this In let of steam :o0 I feel like a freak when I ask for my size.Am I alone here?I know there are plenty of websites like cinderella shoes etc but does anyone else feel like they are always the ugly shoes in size 8/9?
mrs ants Posts: 813
Hi smiles I feel your pain as I too am an 8 and find it impossible to find nice shoes, boots etc., Next now do up to size 9 on most of their range and you can order them online for next day delivery!! I got my wedding shoes in Aibheil, Adare and they were really nice and helpful and had a good range in stock. Hope this helps.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
ditto have had size 8 feet since i was 11 and it got to stage shoeshop owner would say if they fit take em cos i used to get so upset about shoes survive in my mbts
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi, I'm also a size 8 and my sister is a size 9. Its a pain in the ass trying to get shoes, but at this stage I have learned to avoid certain shops (River Island, Oasis, etc) as I just feel like an elephant trying to ram my foot into their teeny tiny shoes :o0 I agree about Next, my sister has ordered a couple of pairs of shoes from them and I never have a problem getting shoes there once I'm early enough in the season to get the bigger sizes. Also New Look do up to a size 8 and Dunnes have a size 7.5 that fits my foot. Doc Martin are another good option (tho maybe not for a wedding shoe!!) HTH
shiraz Posts: 770
Peaseblossom,I have tose mbt,s also!My friends reckon they make my feet look even MORE MASSIVE! :o0
shiraz Posts: 770
:o0 :o0 I know how you feel Aprilbridey!I feel like an elephant in Dunnes TBH.There is no way I would get my little toe into their size 8,s.They are tiny :-8 Thanks for the Next option girls! :wv
BrideBetty Posts: 172
I feel your pain smiles. I am also a size 8 ie. 42 as per Clarks. It drives me mental when the poeple in shoeshops try and tell that 41 is an 8. It's not. If Clarks the original shoe people say it's a 42 then it's a 42. Anyway Evans do size 8 but are usually wide fitting. Barrats do some shoes in a 9 as do Clarks. I always check the websites and then go into the shops as often the sales assistants don't want to bother ordering/ checking if shoes come in an 8. Also cinderalla shoes in Arnotts. There are a good few websites too but I'm always a bit dubious about not trying on first. Good luck